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Want to Sell (WTS) / Re: WTS
« on: January 14, 2022, 12:06:52 PM »
New stuff added.

Suggestions / Re: Suggestion about protective passports
« on: January 05, 2022, 02:20:57 PM »
yeah you won

without discussion without asking other players opinions
great server

Frankly protective passport should not even exist on this server in the first place, perhaps only Archlord should be allowed to use as he is the only player from entire server that actually has something to lose if dies.
This server is not like the PVP server from Webzen, where upon death, parts of the armour were dropped on the floor and you could lose them.
This is common sense.
As for other players opinion, you are in the right place to share yours and support it with legit arguments.

Suggestions / Re: Suggestion about protective passports
« on: January 05, 2022, 02:05:14 PM »

Nonetheless, we have noticed a problem with the current system and we will introduce a fix for it.

In case you missed it, dear trolls.

Suggestions / Re: Suggestion about protective passports
« on: January 05, 2022, 01:25:32 PM »
Trolls like "Leo" and  "whatisthatsht" will always be around.
I am sure GM can tell the difference between serious players and trolls.

Suggestions / Re: Suggestion about protective passports
« on: January 05, 2022, 10:53:20 AM »
Example: Most of the fights are held right at the entrance, first spot inside Latria.
Inside Latria summon does not work, however a character with summoning orbs can be placed right before the entrance, either invisible ranger/swash, either another character, placed in a hidden corner, using round trip passport to move between a safe area and Latria entrance.
Upon using protective passport, the user will be teleported into the last visited city.
In order to avoid using a poison/lighthing passport to not lose the party buffs by going back to Latria using portals, the character placed at the entrance of Latria will summon the protective user who is currently inside the city, this way he will rejoin the fight under 10 seconds, without losing any buff.
This explanation should clear out any confusion.

Suggestions / Re: Suggestion about protective passports
« on: January 04, 2022, 11:29:49 AM »
Every forum account that posted here is related to a main character inside game, GM can ask for proof if needed.

There is a reason why all players have to work hard if they want to have strong characters, by getting elite armours, weapons, accesories, be creative with the buffs, passive, skills, main goal being to be strong and not die, to help the team to win the battle.

Using a protective passport in a battle requires no skill, no effort, no knowledge and on top of that, there is no penalty upon usage, the user still gets to keep his own buffs + all the party buffs.

Being able to savefly travel back to city, and a few second later use a summon orb to be brought back into the fight which he was suposed to die few seconds ago, creates a huge unballance in pvp.

We already have EC items like Combi potions, Lens +, suits and pet that gives players a boost, but comparing those with protective passports, is a huge gap.

If everyone becomes afraid to die like some already do, it will end up in a protective passport war, with nobody dying, meaningless battle with no outcome.

When Eclipse will be released, there will be a similar behavior, this time involving gate of phantom, resurrections orb and summoning orb.

Example : Mage class has the ability to remove buffs from an enemy target. Some players used this class as Kamikaze, by not having good equipment on it, not even buffing up during a fight, the only purpose is to use Antimagic first, let themselves die so they can :
1) be summoned back into the fight and use antimagic again
2) use revive orb and use antimagic again
3) revive in the city, use /go (gate of phantom ) on the enemy target and use antimagic again

Gate of phantom has a 30 minutes cooldown upon usage, but the 30 minutes cooldown time can be reset to 0 by doing a simple relog, this way can be used over and over again.

The beauty of the fight is ruined when some players start to be so addicted to these items and this situation brings up the question : what is the point of putting so much effort into building a strong character over months of farming, if :
1) you can't kill your enemy because he avoids death by using protective passport every time
2) the ones you killed are being summoned back over and over again/revive on spot/gate on target, and on top of that you get to lose your buffs because of Antimagic skill (Eclipse incoming update), is like having a endless battle against a ghost which you always kill but keeps coming back, and after few antimagics you will lose all your buffs, and the friends of ghost will finally be able to kill you because they still have their buffs and you don't.

I hope there is a GM out there to see the big picture, connect the dots and make the right thing by changing how these items are being used :

1. Protective passport should remove all buff ( own buffs and party buffs ) upon usage
2. Summoning orb should have a cooldown of 10 minutes
3. Revive orb should have a cooldown of 10 minutes
4. Gate of phantom already has a 30 minutes cooldown but has to be fixed since relog can reset the cooldown time.

Best regards.

Suggestions / Re: Suggestion about protective passports
« on: January 03, 2022, 05:21:06 PM »
Thanks for the reply GM-MOD. Appreciate.
A change is needed, awaiting the outcome.

Thank you.

Suggestions / Protective inquire
« on: January 03, 2022, 04:39:53 PM »

I would like to suggest that when Protective Passport is being used, all the buffs should be removed.
Lately a lot of players avoid death by using these passports and they return into the fight 10 seconds later by using summoning orb, fully buffed.
There is no penalty when this passport is used and players abuse it heavily, this way the beauty of the fight is ruined.

Please consider.

Best regards and I wish you a happy new year.

Game Discussion / Re: Is there any point sieging anymore?
« on: December 18, 2021, 10:09:13 PM »
Perfectly said.

Suggestions / Re: Swash
« on: December 09, 2021, 02:36:12 PM »
I agree, swash is being outrunned by orbiters, sorcs and many others. Swash used to be one of the fastest before. Should be fixed.

Want to Sell (WTS) / WTS
« on: November 20, 2021, 11:02:53 AM »
ranger 117 - sold
elem 119 - sold
swash 121 -sold
knight 117 - sold
mage 115 - sold
zerk 118 - sold
sorc 115 - elite top +2, 2x ex ohk, wand +1, faren, HH buff maxed
hunter - sold
scion/summoner 120 - sold
slayer 122 - elite top +2, 2x ex ohk, faren, HH buffs maxed out

Suggestions / Re: About game
« on: November 15, 2021, 06:00:53 PM »
For the Gold, i prefer it that way, Gold has a meaning and everything cannot be buy with ease, you have to prioritize with what you want to do.

"After 4 hours of farming, I finally managed to collect that 5m, this is nice! I can't wait to decide whether I want to spend them on upgrading a single HH skill or perhaps buy some lens and repair my weapon so I more gold?"

As most of the players already stated - and I am going to repeat it to you because it obviously wasn't clear - after the server burned (presumably), players literally lost everything and eventually accepted the fact that nothing can be done regarding that point. Despite that, players are expecting to atleast get something in return, something so you can progress quickly and so you can feel you are progressing and get back to your feet as soon as possible. But what did you get in return? SHIT.

In return you got a fucking 100% XP/DROP server at the opening - wow these rates are fucking worse than the Webzen ones! I am also going to repeat this for you - because it also isn't very clear - this is a fucking PRIVATE server of a 20 years old game. People play this server because they want to have FUN. Is this server fun? Not at fucking all. Also you get constant crashes, bugs, boring events and endless farming. Now the most common argument from Justac management against this is:

1) "We wan't to protect the server economy" -> No, you just want people to keep playing, farming and buying EC.. meaning you want to protect your fucking wallet"
2) "We don't want to increase drop/refine because then everyone would have max gear in 2 weeks." -> And? This is the point of a private server? You want to farm 3 years to get max gear and what then.. wait for the server to burn so you can lose it and start all over again?


GM no reply ?

We need to look at it from all angles and consider future updates. Players can feel what is now, we have to predict how they will feel in next months/years in game. Economy in game is a serious and sensitive matter, and we have only one chance to make it proper.

Hello to Justac team and players,

i left old Justac server (played mage Luminus there) after Paragon gold hack, and i am playin her about 1.5 - 2 months now here. Got me really excited to play game after almost 6 years but i must say it is hard atm. It feels more like some sort of work than fun. I cant imagine what it feels like for old players to lost their time and money after that fire thing, and after all of that still coming here to show their loyalty and to start from scratch.

Most of us are adults here today, and this arguments are not some kind of chidish flaming or anger towards you, but rather dissapoitment in your behaviour towards player. Sometimes it feels like you guys are abusing our addiction and love for this game, with your behaviour and even tho some are sayin "People gonna leave" or "Server will die" we all know that it is gonna probably stand long time around, and i hope so it does :). SO PLS START TO LISTEN VALUBLE ARGUMENTS FROM PLAYERS. PLS!

I am not that hard affected with charisma thing cause I did not invested in any char yet so i started a new one, but i am with players on this one 100%. NO RESPECT from you at all, to give people toa chests and than ask frome them 3x times more charisma than has ever been asked on any AL server. Foolin around with people is disrepectful to players. It could also be a kinda way that you guys bring toxicity to server not on purpose.

I like the fact to bring new ideas and impleneting them into game (random slotted weapons, armors, HH skills blockable, buff upgreadble etc.) But it seems like people ask a simple question why that Charisma even become a thing? You spent some on HH skills and rest you burned on spinin for BG armor. Ufter update was realised people should have fun on SouthGate tryin new HH skills & builds, and not waste time here arguin with you about that. You probably lose money also this way.

I qouted your sentece (at the top) to talk a bit about economy. I dont understand how sensitive it has to become for you to react? From what angles you are observing that economy?

Here is a player angel of observing economy: At the moment you need 1 SC to upgrade 1HH skill (that is not a joke that is a true: 1 Marvel scroll atm is 4.5m and that is
                                                                         current price for HH skill). I dont think that has ever been recorded in AL history. So zerk or ranger or archer who loves his
                                                                         HH skills now needs more than 1500EC to buy them (current equivalent for gold). THAT IS ABSURD
Reifeniry brings alot to bad economy in my opinion, and you dont need to wait and observe what is gonna happen. React fast!! These are my suggestions, some will agree some probably dont but maybe it helps:

1. 1M to refine does not help economy in my opinion. Drop is fine (except HH), but from 15-20 farmed Shuta ring there is a big chance to lose 7-10M then to get enything. Cut refine price to   
    500k for single and 1.5m for an excellent try

2. I think everyone pointed out that: EXCELLENT TRY SHOULD BE 2 OR 3 SLOTTED UNIQUE BACK OR ARCHONDRITE. WE NEED THIS. More 2-3 slotted glo,
    intel, exe uniques around server more need for wings, cloacks, ring resist, ultis. Higher demand for that, higherc demand for CC, and more money for you. GIVE US THIS ON

3. Maybe to Introduce some new talisman for gold in item shop. For example since toa -100% is already farmer item put 40-50 % bonus gold on that (probably downside: bots usage).
4. For God sake fix that prayer stones refine. It almost seems like, that the best way to refine archondrite is to refine prayer stones.

Idk, i feel like some of that could help.


Nicely said +1



Please link the post that states all level 100 will need to accrue 80k - 100k CHA in the next 20 levels or be wrecked.

"The players were aware that charisma would be needed for HH skills. We informed that they can farm it before unlocking the HH skill. Also there are other ways to get charisma. This has already been answered."

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