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Suggestions / Rework HH weapons/armours
« on: August 22, 2023, 05:20:55 PM »
Today I would like to suggest to rework HH armours and weapons.
My suggestion:
For weapons add a chance of getting +1 or at least CD as bonus stat - this will make HH weapons more useful and people will actually refine them and use destiny stones on them.

For armours:
Improve stats. Specially on :
- boots - add more mov speed
- arms - add dimensional resistance (not as much as cf or elite. Around 15-20max)
- pants - add CD and improve resistance to max 20%
- armour - add SB (max 20%)

This way new players will not have to invest tons of money into endgame gear and will be a bit more competitive with the hard ore players . Also HH would be another map that will be more alive again.

Suggestions / My suggestion<3
« on: April 24, 2023, 07:46:05 PM »
Please save this server @admin ...

- we need more events . Current events are made by Vs or just free uniques, discount on suits - it's boring! Boss hunts, events mobs with boxes drop , challenges - for now game is just boring. You fight in ancient or in eclipse which often is not fair or just boring after over a year. Bring something new for EVERYONE and not just fully geared ppl who belong to the big guilds.
- restrict eclipse center area for tesseris/tesslon time- restrict eclipse center to 1char/IP or remove party buffs and drop tesslon HP down to 50% - more people will have a chance to win it. Currently you can bring 5 critters, 5 chars to debuff /fight and 3 sorcs to sleep = you don't have any chance to get tesslon like this.
- new content  - new title, new drops, new cosmetics, new challenges, new ways to get stuff . You don't need to copy other servers but you can have a look what they doing to make people play...

I hope something happens soon cause almost every day players are leaving ...and no...it's not because of summer...

Suggestions / Change skills that have too huge impact on team fights
« on: March 24, 2023, 10:18:24 PM »
There are few skills that have too huge impact on team fights and since characters that have these skills got boosted on defefence it should be changed in some ways.

It's specially about narcolepsy on sorc and antimagic on mage. These 2 skills have just too huge impact in fights.

We all know that most teamfights are on full buffs but if there is just 1 person spamming antimagic or mages getting summoned for just this one purpose - antimagic - it makes the fights just about who will anti more or who will be more lucky on anti. In worst case anti hits your essential buffs and u get down right after 1 anti. in best case you can survive few antis. With free uniuqes on lvl 130 I see more and more mages lvl 130 which get free uniques and are made just to antimagic. Since we will get VP for killing low lvls you kinda need to wait for the mage to take skull which is really dumb. I wish we could remove this skill at all and change it for something like stun skill or antistun or halt but as I know people will cry my suggestion is to nerf this skill . M
y opinion: skill stage lvl1-5 1 skill removed / 5-10 2 skills removed / 11-15 3 skilsl removed.

About narcolepsy:
Sleeping a whole team of like 5 people in fights for like 30sec or even more if the sorc is puting narcolepsy is just too much. The duratrion should be lowered or succesrate beeing lowered a lot aswell as making it target instead of AOE skill would nerf it. with 2 sorcs an whole team can be slept for few mionutes straight. It has just too huge impact on team fights.

These 2 skills are destroying a lot specially combined with all halts/repress/restrain/toxic hand skills.

Sorcs and mages got boosted on defence a lot because people were crying about beeing killed too fast but none sees that those classes have skilsl that can change a whole fight just if these classes survive longer than 15 seconds. In my opinion these classes should either be less tanky or the skilsl should be nerfed a lot.

I hope for some good discussion. Thanks

Suggestions / Suggestion about drops
« on: February 23, 2023, 05:48:54 PM »
Since many players already have most of their uniques, the mats drop got increased for some parts they become almost worthless which makes refining eclipse caskets pretty useless(sometimes out of 50boxes ppl drop just 30 assembleds,  10gems, 3 new ashtals, 3 combi stones lvl1-4, 3 new scions and not even 1item worth more than 100m) . This makes eclipse farming almost useless.
My suggestion:
Lower the amount of assembled artifacts from tesslons
Lower the rate of assembled artifacts in caskets
Increase rare drop in caskets
Lower refine cost of caskets or increase gold drop in eclipse

Everyone with good arguments is welcome to arguing.

Suggestions / Suggestion about dimensional resistance debuff
« on: January 04, 2023, 07:03:36 PM »
Since most players are geared and most fights are full part buffed some classes lack debuffs. Here I talk about dimensional resistance which is currently on 2 classes. Even with both debuffs you can't debuff dimensional resistance under 80% which makes it almost useless. Boosting the debuffs on current classes (hunter+ele) would make these classes too op. So my suggestion is:
Put an dimensional resistance debuff on another class. In my opinion knight would be the best option. For now knight can support only CRIT classes and stun. With dimensional debuff it would support casters and open a door for a new way of playing knight - going cast. I wouldn't go higher than 50% on max rank but it would make the game more balanced and more classes would be played.

Suggestions / Few suggestions
« on: October 24, 2022, 05:19:02 PM »
As server is changing a bit again here are few suggestions that I want to be watched since I talked with few people and we agreed in most of those together:

1. Add more gold to mobs/boxes/any other idea ;
- refining uniques/caskets isn't even covered by the grind in eclipse
- building other items like GTs/LTs/new uniques etc is almost impossible for new players and even for some active players since stage 1

2. Do something about mana recovery - my hunter with void, combi magical lvl 6 , 2x mana rec stones in rings and x large mana pots - is out of mana after 5-10sec of casting;
- increase mana rec on stones
-decrease mana consumption

3. Remove shapestone need for refining new ashtals/new scions ;
- the current price of new ashtals is around 150-250m ea, which is almost the same price for the ashtal itself= refining isn't worth it ...

4. Increase the archondrites needed for GTs;
- price of GTs decreased a lot and people with access to archondrites/ref pots can make their stuff full GT in no time

5. Add a refine for 100% manuals;
- suggestion: 9999 passports, 8pet manuals, 100 archondrites, 300m gold

Please let's stay adults and put only normal discussion on - trolling isn't helping anyone.


Suggestions / Suggestions for summer events and general suggestions
« on: June 01, 2022, 01:04:57 PM »
Hello, I gathered some of my ideas for the summer and also for general:

Summer event:

- Weekly stull siege with random teams every sunday afternoon between 5 and 7 pm with rewards (something like the blue/red gvg event last sunday)

- event mobs all over chantra with boxes/mats for boxes

- swim suits discount

- double EXP/DROP/GOLD

- random GVG/PVP events


- make some kind of refine for the mats like assembled artifacts, tesseris gems and so on. My suggestion is: 20xabsorption stone+20xdestruction stone+20xgold nugget+20xsilver nugget+10x lvl 5 ele stone for 1 material ( each ele stone gives another outcome). This way people with no team or weak team would have a chance to get their materials. Also people would be motivated to farm more in CF, BG,realms and all over the chantra world and the materials in kaligo boxes would make more sense.   

- remove 1 slotted outcome of the refine system

- lower the exp requeirment from 120-140 - lvling from 120-140 takes way too long. It's useless to lvl up for GTs and real pain for lvling at all. The drop isn't very good too, so most people are not even showing up in eclipse right now... it takes like 2h for 1 lvl on an 100% toa... Not many people have this time to lvl up an character. other way - double the amount of mobs on spots.

- add Lucky tickets to lvl up rewards lvl 130 would be enough and getting 10-20.

- Make refine failing give more archondrites - for now we are using archondrites for almost everything. Not many people are farming so there basically are no archondrites on server...

That's it from my side for now :)

Suggestions / Some suggestions on stage 3 of new justac
« on: April 26, 2022, 06:53:25 PM »
After some time passed on stage 3 I would like to suggest some changes and invite for discussion - please with using brain, in understandable English and only people who really play and not trolls that never reached lvl 130+ or not even playing at all.

1. Let drop shard as it is in event - it makes people actually farm in eclipse and get some stuff without getting killed permanently in ancient/CF
2. Remove 1 slotted outcome on refinery of uniques . It was fine for 1st and 2nd stage but now really sucks.
3. Lower the drop of reinforcement potions in eclipse , same as passports . I think it might cause the drop bugg, which now is even after 1h of farming
4. Remove materials like absorption stones from kaligo boxes
5. Remove reinforcement potions from ancient hero boxes but add OLD scions/ashtals and maybe LTs on low rate.
6. Make summoning orbs/GOs lose buffs everytime they are used/accepted
7. Remove TAB targeting please! It will not stop botters but it will make it a little bit harder to bot!

Thanks and see you ! 

Want to Buy (WTB) / WTB list
« on: November 20, 2021, 11:40:09 AM »
EXC gaudius 3 slot
EXC ohkeros 3 slot
EXC faren 3 slot
Normal faren 3 slot
EXC feathered
EXC werewolf 2-3 slots
Elite parts:
- cap 20+ all ele res /15+ dim DMG/ 15+ ele DMG / 15+ SB
- armpads 25dim res / 20 cast
- pants 23+ res/ 20+ dodge/ 4+ CD/
- boots mov speed 20/ 15+ block (dash yellow )
- cap 20+ ele res 20 SB, all stats 20+, CRIT res 3+
- armpads 20+ dim res, 10+ CRIT, 15+ attack speed , 25+ IGN def
- armpads 25dim res/20 cast
- pants 25 res/4+CD / all stats
- boots 20 mov speed / 15+ block/ 10+ stun
- boots 20mov speed/ 15+ block
PM me here or in discord (Blindarrow  , moderator role on justac discord) 

Report / Server crashed
« on: August 19, 2021, 09:56:04 PM »
Server crashed  :)

Report / Event destiny prayer doesn't work on shields
« on: August 12, 2021, 11:31:47 PM »
Don't know if it should work like this but the destiny stones we get from level up rewards don't work on shields. Is it a bug or you set it like this ?

Game Discussion / Poll about time for this stage or next update
« on: July 29, 2021, 06:28:30 PM »
Hello dear community,
Due to many of my friends leaving of being bored of current stage (some others known reason too but it's not about that!) I wondered who is thinking this stage is already long enough or too short. It's just a poll for the community , not done by justac staff.
Please vote your honest opinion once and don't troll.
To make sure it's not troll vote post your character name and lvl after voted.
Thank you :)

Suggestions / Slow adding of future content
« on: July 24, 2021, 06:34:47 AM »
Hello Justac-team and community,
As many people saying the server becomes boring I was thinking about what could be done to not be bored of either farm poison or going for worm hunt.
As the next stage itself shall bring around 5 new areas to farm , my suggestion would be to add them slowly one by one so people not get overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities and not get bored fast because nothing new will come for the next half year.
I would suggest to go like:
- CF
- BG
- HH
-farm areas like BiT
Of you add this content one by one there will be a fresh wind every 1-2 months, if the new content will cause problems or have Buggs it will be easier to report and work on them if there is only 1 new area instead of 5 new areas.

It's my personal opinion and everyone who is not here just to troll is welcome to share his own.

Thank you for reading :)

Want to Sell (WTS) / Blindarrows shop
« on: July 09, 2021, 10:27:58 AM »
WTS followoing items :
- Lucky tickets (7) -  7 eu ea or 45 ea for all 7
- Chars: ranger lvl 70
- exc kark 1/1(forrest wings)
- exc kark 0/2
- Luke 3/3 (ulti, elw cloack lvl4, dark wings lvl4)
- glor logo 0/1
- Barom 3/3 (ulti, hp rec lvl6, res 6%)
- armours for almost all classes
- sorc ice cap
- True realms:
- scion ice armour
- zerk ice arms
- archer ice boots
- ele ice cap
- archer true pants 2/2 - sharp shooter/wind arrow - lvl2 res, lvl3 sb
-archwr true pants 2/3 - soul breathe/rock skin/heavy hand - sb lvl4, res lvl3
-archer true arms 2/2 - power bow - lvl3 crit/light speed

PM me here or /w in-game :)

Want to Sell (WTS) / WTS uniques, realms
« on: June 06, 2021, 04:38:50 PM »
Normal realm top for:
Mage, Zerk, sorc, Archer,
True arms for hunter (power bow/ snare shot)
- kark 0/2
- glor kark 0/1
- Luke 0/3

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