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Justac - Rise From The Ashes
« on: April 07, 2021, 09:02:49 AM »
Dear players, we are deeply sorry for the situation that happened with our server, and that you have to wait so long for service back.
We want also thank all players, those who played and those who will continue with our Archlord adventure.
Here we present road map for server start. Details can be also found in Episodes Informations section. Welcome to Justac reboot.

The server will go online on 30 April.  Account Registration will be open 2 days before the launch.

We decided that all e-coin donations from Justac completed in the past 6 months before the old server has burned will have credit on the new one. Transfer details will be posted at the beginning of next month after start.

There will be possiblility to preserve nicknames that you used before. In case of claims we will ask for proofs like oryginal screens or we will consult it with community or we will ask for old account password.
 Important: if you sold your char on old server, and sold it with name, the buyer will have rights to use this name on new server.  We can also preserve forum names if really needed. Each case will be solved individually with both sides.We will provide this support for 1 month from start.

Q & A

1. Why do we not start from the latest Justac Episode: Shadow of Eclipse but instead start over from the Ice / Lightning / Poison Realms?

These are two main reasons we decide to go this way. Firstly, since we have the chance to start over again, we would like to improve the balance of already existing episodes e.g. overgrove stats of Chaotic Frontier realms, imbalance of Heavens Hell unblockable skills or power balance of Infernum accessories. Secondly, it is to reduce the gap between players who use real money to obtain game goals in very short time and players who progress at normal speed in order to avoid situations where Player “A” fights with Intelligent Baroms against full gold ticket Eidolons owner Player “B”.
Additional reason: we aware that many players like oldshool server type, based on early episodes. So as a compromise they may get that feeling for first months and maybe it will be encouragement to stay with us even after 1st stage ends.

2. Would I need to make a new weapon between each stage of the game?

No, balance of weapons is suited to work in each stage of the game, we have improved statistics of droppable weapons and armours to better match the power level of the Lottery kind. We did the same for craftable HH weapons, now their statistics are more competitive to Lottery Elite.

3. You mentioned Lottery, will it work the same as before?

No, this time instead of gold you will use droppable Lottery Tickets.

4. Why do I need to drop totally useless old uniques if you introduce much more powerful accessories in a couple of months?

We are going to increase the level of usage of end-game type uniques, so you won't be able to use them in lower level areas, but we also balanced their statistics and changed the combinations for obtaining those accessories.

Reaper Ring =  Excellent Shuta Ring + Excellent Haul Ring + Excellent Gadius Ring + Excellent Sentinel Ring + rest of materials
Eidolon Ring = Excellent Loki Ring + Excellent Barom Ring + Excellent Blode Ring + Excellent Ring of Bellos + rest of materials
Vengeance Ring = Excellent Red Sign Ring + Excellent Flying Ring + Excellent Logo Ring + Excellent Sword Eater Ring + rest of materials
Madness Ring = Excellent Pargon Ring + Excellent Ohkeros Ring + Excellent Rapid Ring + Excellent Yalquinas Ring  + rest of materials
Hestia Necklace =  Excellent Necklace of Survival + Excellent Podon Necklace + Excellent Guardimesh Necklace + Excellent Werewolf Necklace + rest of materials
Fearless Necklace = Excellent Karkaen Necklace + Excellent Darilla Necklace + Excellent Zucker Necklace + Excellent Hwaridun Necklace + rest of materials
Arcane Necklace = Excellent Lilin Necklace + Excellent Shocker Necklace + Excellent Luke Necklace + Excellent Norgen Necklace + rest of materials
Delusion Necklace = Excellent Necklace of Fortune + Excellent Lilith + Excellent Biglos Necklace + Excellent Ciring Walker Necklace + rest of materials

In conclusion, every unique accessory will have a fair price.

5. What do you mean by Critical Hit balance?

Not only will there be much more % chance of hitting a critical strike in older episodes, but we also think it is fair to give them the same kind of boost they get in Eclipse, so monsters will receive more damage from critical hits. By doing that critters will be a much more available option for leveling.

6. What does Exp 100-300% in Stage One?

Experience ratio will vary depend of the time past on server:
1st month - 100%
2nd month - 150%
3rd month - 200%
4-6th month - 300%

This is overall plan for server start. It can be modified or changed depending players' progress and number of players on server.
Date of start will be announced as soon as possible, when we will be 100% ready for open.
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