Author Topic: Justac 10th Anniversary: Awakening of the Ancients  (Read 13625 times)

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Justac 10th Anniversary: Awakening of the Ancients
« on: October 07, 2023, 03:16:33 AM »
We would like to present to you a new episode of Justac Archlord.
We have implemented completely new mechanics into the game. Starting with endgame itemization, monster spawn mechanic, and effects added into gameplay.
We will try to briefly present the significant changes.

With Awakening of the Ancients, we are continuing our design process, which places importance on front simplicity and intuitive gameplay. We also didn’t forget about in-game economy, so our designs still reflect huge needs for simple materials that even new players can get. With new monsters we have prepared a new improved drop system for the Shinewood area. In Addition to the natural drop chance of items, encountered monsters drop guaranteed fragments that can be combined into the main source of new items. So even if luck won’t be on your side, you will still obtain your drop goals. We have refreshed existing in-game challenges like RvR fight, where we have added decent reward for every killed boss, or Eclipse challenge with few new area rules and refresh damage and behavior of main boss.

Episode area: Shinewood.
Challenge: Waves of monsters from the Ancient Chantra ages (Lv 150).
Player hostility: Yellow zone.
Potions: Small Recovery Potion, Medium Recovery Potion, Large Recovery Potion.
Additional restrictions: blocked summon orbs, roundrip passports, gate of phantom - Shinewood area + bordering areas

Why did we choose this area? The previously prepared Proving Ground area turned out to be too small for our needs, so in accordance with the players' preferences, we used a completely open space instead of underground mazes that caused problems for many players. The map has several levels of height, there are places where you can run and chase, there are places where you can hide.

Endgame itemization, Justac Forge Mechanic allows you to push your equipment to its limits by reforging them with new Forgotten blacksmith tools, Forgotten Shard and Rune.

What else has been done:
  • Balance of damage sources in Elite Lottery equipment has been changed [Experimental. Also applies to weapons already acquired].
  • “Guild” Buffs have been changed to “Party” type.
  • Maximum guild members have been reduced from 100 to 15.
  • Maximum union members have been increased from 3 to 15. [All guild changes are a prelude to changes in castle battles and guild events]
  • Balanced numeric values in skills.
  • All elite/unique armor parts now have the same level required (15).
  • Armors from level 90 and 97 can now be get from lottery separately.
  • Balanced damage between critical hit and skills users on certain powerful monsters.
  • Balanced the damage dealt to some stronger monsters by critical attacks and skill type attacks.
  • General Teslon has returned to the center of Eclipse.
  • Roundtrip Passports no longer works in the Eclipse area.
  • RvR Bosses now drop valuable items.
  • Items needed for the Guild Ranking added to some bosses.
  • Guild ranking has been restarted [(monthly rewards in the form of gold are planned for active guilds]
  • Archlord character damage scaling has been changed.
  • Title items: Set of Stolen Parts, Remains, Tear become tradable.
  • Lydia Soul no longer drops event pet lv 10.
  • Reduced mana recovery for recovery potion type.
  • Added quick bar option for certain EC items (Summoning Orb, Passports).
  • Added bundle packs for certain EC items.
  • Added Chantra Shop items: new pets, RvR suit, and wings to Wing Chest.
  • Server security and cheat detection improved.
  • Castle gate HP reduced.

Work in progress:
  • “Target” skills interaction in the Infernum area.
  • Narcolepsy passive issue.
  • Rework of siege system.
  • Justac Voodoo, new pk penalty system.
  • Higher resolution textures.
  • Justac Endless Battlefield.
  • Hall of Fame.

Information about additional events will appear this week.

Refinery guide.

1400   X   Forgotten Dust of the Bat
1200   X   Ferocity of the Manticore
1000   X   Honor of the Griffin
800    X   Loyalty of the Pegasus
600    X   Bravery of the Warrior
400    X   Wisdom of the Goddess
200    X   Might of the God
20     X   Archondrite
20m      Gold

Forgotten Tools of Brin Ironsmasher:
7   X   Forgotten Tools of Mino Fireeye
20   X   Archondrite  5  X Archondrites
20m      Gold

Forgotten Tools of Dill Hammerfall:
6   X   Forgotten Tools of Brin Ironsmasher
40   X   Archondrite 10   X   Archondrite
40m      Gold

Forgotten Tools of Nym Skyroader:
5   X   Forgotten Tools of Dill Hammerfall
60   X   Archondrite 15   X   Archondrite
60m      Gold

Forgotten Tools of Tol Dulead:
4   X   Forgotten Tools of Nym Skyroader
80   X   Archondrite 20   X   Archondrite
80m      Gold

Forgotten Tools of Ayre:
3   X   Forgotten Tools of Tol Dulead
100   X   Archondrite 25   X   Archondrite
100m   Gold
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