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Suggestions / I hope to change some of my suggestions
« on: May 12, 2022, 10:13:30 AM »
I would like to suggest that GM improve the balance of the class, such as the elemental attack reform of summoner. Second, the equipment of the lottery machine belongs to the ultimate equipment. It should be used in any scene, and its practicability cannot be limited on some maps. Because some people pay more attention to the beauty of the equipment of the game characters, they may choose more advanced equipment as decoration, but in this case, they must give up some maps to make the game experience not comprehensive enough. I hope this can be reformed

Report / Warrior class switch weapons cannot attack objects
« on: April 13, 2022, 06:07:38 PM »
The warrior class is unable to move if it switches weapons while under attack
For example, this will happen when switching between two hands and one hand weapon, or when switching between attacking objects, the character will not move, nor attacking objects, the respected GM can test this

Suggestions / Hoping for some change
« on: April 13, 2022, 06:02:08 PM »
I would like to make the following suggestions to the game: First, I believe that many people have the same problem as me, because we attach great importance to the modeling of character clothing and equipment in the game. Therefore, many people choose to choose advanced equipment in the lottery machine. For example, I am fascinated by level 97 equipment, but unfortunately its equipment level is limited to too many things.
Second: We lost too many maps in pursuit of beauty, such as the experience in Chaos, we can't enter the experience to hunt the Boss, so that we will never be able to complete the new title, which will make me particularly distressed, and there is no People can experience my mood and let me down with the game.
Third, although many people draw low-level elite equipment in lottery machines, it does not mean that everyone will make such a choice. Some people may consider drawing more advanced elite equipment considering its aesthetics, so GM you It is a loyal player who needs to consider this type. I hope the GM can make a change at this point and let me go back to the battlefield and lead my guild members to experience it again. Thank you for this update

Suggestions / Orc berserkers(Need to be noticed)
« on: January 30, 2022, 11:29:38 PM »
Lately I've seen a lot of people suggesting reforms for knights, but I rarely hear people say reforms for orc berserkers. why?
Reason: Orc Berserk really needs to be noticed and mentioned
1: We have seen too many professions being promoted in the game, but I feel that this profession is rarely promoted.
2: This profession has no special skills to save life, and there is no improvement in attack output, which is more vulnerable than other professions.
3: The GM should see it. From the player's popular characters, this profession can only be used as a PT gain buff, without any contribution, so I hope other players will also make suggestions to make the close profession also popular. The criticality of balancing the game.

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