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« on: May 12, 2021, 11:10:14 PM »
As a big fan of Archlord (who played since CM) i would like to give me opinion and some suggestions on this new balanced server since the restart.
At first it was a great experience, the fixed droprates were a blessing. I also think, that getting 1-3 Slot uniques random makes it much better too. The Lottery System is also fantastic but i think those were the only good points. Here are some negative issues i would like to point out which lead to me having no fun on this server after 2 weeks already;:
1. Biggest problem in my opinion is the Wanted system. It absolutly makes no sense to punish people for every single pvp that you want to engange. This leads to the state of people not doing any pvp anymore. PvP espacially pking people is most likley the biggest think in Archlord and the Skull System already punishes people. But why should i lose 10% everytime i engage an pvp. To fix this the Gold Rate should be WAY higher to put wanted on somebody. I know this System was invented in eclipse but i again think it leads to people not doing pvp anymore including me which makes the game absolutly sensless espacially in stage 1 where the exp rate is not high so -10% is  way to high. Is this game only for brainless grinding ? Seriously a very bad system. At least put the -% to 3% or 5% but 10% is just crazy.
2. There are many bugs, the most annoying one is the bug where ur inventory stuff gets invinsible. This needs a fix !
3. Things like Shield Combining is not working, which is mandatory for classes like Knight / Zerk, so why would you remove good stuff like that from the game?
4. Class balancing is just not good in my opinion. The game feels weird to play. I played as Caster (archer ) and Critter (knight) and in my opinion the cast feels weird especially in pvp. Its just not as smooth as it used to be. As Critter it is the same problem. For example if people are running it is almost impossible to hit them since the animations feel slowed down, i dont really know how to explain it to be honest but its definitly not optimized.
5. For everyone to log in 4+ Twink Accounts just to get more exp which leads to bad server performance is not making sense. Why do we have to log in 4 Accounts extra, just for my PC to explode because a Sorc near me in Poison is casting on 20 mobs , which all of my 4 twink accounts have to process which leads to bad performance. So why just dont raise the exp rate in general or keep it as it was on CM/webzen so people wont have it so easy to lvl up. I mean the servers arent even up for 2 weeks and people are easy 99 already which makes me question what we are supposed to do until Stage 2 ?
6. The balancing of weapons and armors is a good idea in my opinion but it leads to pretty unbalanced outcomes. Example: Summoner Scion who crits 24k+ without any crit uniques and one hitting knights for example. I dont remember Archlord to be this random...
7. Last point of this list would be the drop chance of prayer stones. Since you cant drop them in poison /lghtning / ice its really annoying to farm these espacially on higher lvl. I think its okay to have the dropchance decreased which makes it harder to get lvl 6 stones which is Good ! but there should be more places to drop them. Creating an alt just to farm prayer stones outside for example is not made very good. i think the prayer stone drop chance should be on every mob ( elite / normal / ele/ boss / etc) but this is just my opinion.

Well this post isnt any qqing because i love this game and i am more than happy that this community is still alive and keeps this beautiful game alive.
These are only my thoughts on the current state of the server, which lead me to quit after 2 weeks already.

« on: May 01, 2021, 02:13:01 AM »
Many Podons 0/1 200cc ea
Many lilins 0/1 200cc ea
Many liliths 0/1 200cc ea
Lvl 4 ele cloak lvl 4 OFFER ME

« on: April 13, 2021, 12:30:16 AM »

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