Author Topic: [Justac Tutorial] ~ 2nd Password  (Read 387 times)


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[Justac Tutorial] ~ 2nd Password
« on: June 09, 2019, 07:46:24 AM »
HOW to Check, if your account have 2nd Password:

* you need to type /unlock ****** infront of a trade, then you have it.
****** is your 2nd Password (6 numbers)

IF NOT, and you dont have an active working email address on your account, do following steps.
Go to Forum and send a Ticket to Admin via "Helpdesk":


Ticket subject: "Request 2nd Password"

TEXT: Your Account name:
Your 2nd PW request:


(that password need to have 6 NUMBERS, not 5, not 7, JUST "6"

This happen also if you transfer your char to another account (a new account) with Seal.
New Accounts do not have the 2nd Password protection.

If you dont have an active Forum Account accepted yet, feel free to wisper me ingame.


If u have a active mail, follow the steps below.

2nd PW creation:

go ond log on the Homepage (not forum)
go to ur account control panel and click on 2nd password.
type ur account and that code which u see there.

u will recieve a mail with a code from justac.

log in game and think about a password, which u wanna use:
that password need to have 6 NUMBERS (not 5, not 7, just 6)

type now /set2ndpwd 123456 000000

123456 is example for ur password which u wanna use.
000000 is example for the code u got from justac

on the lower right side of ur window u will recieve msg : 2nd pw change has been confirmed.

now relog and it will be all time active now.

if u need to trade or sell something, type /unlock 123456
123456 is still example for ur password.

now u are open for all again... relog to get urself locked again.
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Re: Justac ~ 2nd Password
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