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EventProject ~ April ~ Gathering Event
« on: April 05, 2019, 01:58:38 PM »
EventProject April

Gathering Event

Start Satureday End Sunday Afternoon
(Random time)

during the days will be asked for random Items, which you need to gather as fast as possible and recieve a reward.

Items from ItemTrader

Human Zone Event: (Gather announced Items and sell to us at Delfaras Church)
WINNER: Artikuno / Aletun / Allkill
Reward: 50mil ea

Orc Zone Event (Gather announced Items and sell to us at Kuhn Castle)
WINNER: Xisi / Zatawu / Aletun / virosa / Gressive
Reward: 50mil ea

Elf Zone Event (Gather announced Items and sell to us at Deribelle Refinery)
WINNER: Xisi / Aletun / Zatawu / Milorad
Reward: 50mil each

Scion Zone Event (Gather announced Items and sell to us at the big Dragon of Stull)
WINNER: Xisi /Milorad / Zatawu / Alakaler
Reward: 50mil each

Global Events:

Legendary Red Moth Hunter:
WINNER: Xisi / marissa / B00st3r / Aletun / Beasty6454
Reward: (1x ToH each)

Guardians TorgeĀ“s Natural Enemy
WINNER: Redwicth / Xisi / Aletun / Lalka
Reward: 1x Scroll each

Gather White Wing Dagger and find me in south Latria to Sell me:
WINNER: Hawx / Aletun / Xisi
Reward: 1x lens+ each

Find me at Wnddrill Eastern Entrance and kill 2 mob which does not belong to that place
(2 Botter Mobs)
Gallerd / Marissa / Avon
Reward: 1x Scroll each

Gather any lvl15 ring and sell it to me at Anchorville
Rojin / Aletun / Yangpa / Zeruya / Hydr5 / Marissa
Reward: 50mil each

Latria at Lamentia are Mobs which doenst belong to that Area, kill them and get rewarded.
(1 x Botter Mob)
Reward: 1x Scroll

Event is sponsored from Justac

Lets have some fun together and prepare for upcoming Event on Sunday Evening


EventProject Team

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