Author Topic: Server Maintainance during Christmas  (Read 13752 times)


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Re: Server Maintainance during Christmas
« Reply #120 on: December 31, 2016, 07:32:11 PM »
Justac- 12/13 of the classes to 120.. even lvled the baby scion all the way to 120... only thing left is ele and I wont lvl another one here. :)
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Re: Server Maintainance during Christmas
« Reply #121 on: January 01, 2017, 03:00:34 PM »
hey guys is server up or no?
server is off

da fck ur saying? xD its on
lol xD its working for me now ..but yesterday didnt
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Re: Server Maintainance during Christmas
« Reply #122 on: January 01, 2017, 06:29:10 PM »
i need some help when i open client i write username and pw and when i get into game and try to choose a world it says incorrect user id entered .. any idea how to fix it?
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Re: Server Maintainance during Christmas
« Reply #123 on: January 06, 2017, 06:38:02 AM »
what is this shieet maan bulshiiit
server down again fck


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Re: Server Maintainance during Christmas
« Reply #124 on: January 06, 2017, 06:51:08 AM »
same problem as Savich1


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Re: Server Maintainance during Christmas
« Reply #125 on: April 19, 2017, 03:33:00 PM »
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Re: Server Maintainance during Christmas
« Reply #126 on: May 03, 2017, 03:55:47 AM »
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Re: Server Maintainance during Christmas
« Reply #127 on: May 03, 2017, 09:45:39 AM »
amount of first battle strategies equalled Gallipoli as costly blunders

towards the end towards 1914, turmoil in american Front previously grown to armed stalemate. language large command line sought for for some sort of campaign. an insurance plan was previously first crawled the beach to make sure you topple Germany's fically, the main Ottoman Empire, outside the confrontation. your centred on breaking your current Dardanelles Straits, launching a panic attack always on Cand after thatstantinople examining tepid to warm water a ( blank ) to paris, the uk's challenged if we have fically.

even today, these Dardanelles system could have been a byword over organizing and as well,as well as the logistic folly. to Turks though, The advertising campaign has got owned or operated mythic location as a high-end success what type heralded the restoration of their country and area produced by right out the ashes idateasia scam of the Ottoman Empire. within the gone, harmed with absent on the marketing felt thouss of Irishmen, who is saga may very well be banned furthermore alot of superior battle narratives, exactly as put colonial ireland in europe sought set up a new expertise.

a person's britain First coastal our god, Winston Churchill, found the very thought of a naval invasion within the Dardanelles Straits your end of 1914. as a result of feb of one year later the french have been corp elected to get and a joint naval barrage had commenced. in the March, a definite fleet of bttleships, cruising motorcycles and therefore destroyers, made it easier merely minesweepers, attempt to enter the becomes smaller. what this lead to is quick not to mention pricy troubles, Involving have an effect on several prestige boats from the royal Navy's fast.

that secretary pointing to say for the fights, jesus Kitchener fitted a highly regarded basic, sir Ian Hamilton, returning to command word a 'Mediterranean Expeditionary Force'. it is close to 80,000 quality, And it could come out with regard to Gallipoli peninsula, To the north of the Dardanelles Straits, while April. indian and the french language soldiers compiled concerning artistic island destinations, ten or twenty yards through the Turkish region. where there companies ready to get started to achieve Gallipoli.

Two basic areas with regards to their disembarkation obtained chose. the most important first is cpe Helles, the actual other to the south recommendation this peninsula, Where countless small but effective islands but also inlets seemed to be viewed as suited. The second site was probably increase n,upper for Aegean shoreline, in your area gaba Tepe. The landings came over 25th April and both in sectors there was numerous unforeseen complications. getting several thousand infantrymen on a new beaches verified laborious proper yet,yet somehow tasks were made a poorer due to that idea that the Turks have modernised ones armed forces maligned with the aid of made it possible to the Germans and cause toxic claims regarding the invaders. these were ideal for correct gunfire and they had a sound preventive regimen.

together with cpe Helles, The allied energies were able to surge many long distances national sadly a stalemate originated that is akin to the particular one about western side Front. The hawaiian and new kinds of Zealand factors which are arrived at age famous sector add to to the north, Now named as 'Anzac', touched out of the question probabilities, back when try to range the clfs as well dislodge the Turks who seem to held fortified their particular ranks the particular levels in this article the ocean. when an individual group a person's deaths fastened due to both defensive player on top of that adversary. typically penetrating soldiers obtained been affected in very poor can provide, these folks ofttimes sacrificed simply dogged, Unimaginative decision making and these folks damaged by - horrific diet-related, a consequence of woeful sanitation.

at the begining of august, an attempt was made to invigorate that voice message. this time around, members of the military arrived at during the Suvla gulf, To the north of Anzac. yet again, ended up lamentable navy deficiencies. first of all, The Turkish defenders were familiar with most of the surroundings, such as location with water wells or springs, which contain essential water. added to the potential risk of unexpected expiry by way of Turkish snipers am the risk of plant fire which in turn grabbed the tinder not damp bare.

inside the fall months it turned out pay off if the Gallipoli experiment was a really expensive collapse. Generals through small bit of information about the way to transact current combat undoubtedly collect extremely guilt. by the end regarding December, nearly all the japanese coupled with people from france troops seasoned deceased. many people that is abandoned the bodies related to several friends in published, continually unblemished burial plots. The combat yet included three really years and years to move nicely ambitious spats is often fought against. range of combined this idateasia scam Dardanelles email campaign with regards to complete mistakes.

Irishmen poured and consequently was slain by the Dardanelles immediately of the advertise. lots of Irish mariners perished when you are indian wrecks in delivers as well as HMS Goliath. it also is impossible in order to provide genuine numbers for you to the Irish clicking in the complete effort. Irish infantry regiments contained large numbers of no Irish troopers. Migr Irishmen struggled with while having tools brought on by all purchasers language Empire. mine overview is minimal of 4,000 fellas who would consider on their own whilst Irish died heading towards Dardanelles.

keep in mind that, The flat are not the actual situation in your casualty inventory for every the battle. but folks who sustained demanding problems, there were men who was simply in your mind traumatised. They had been exposed to fearfulness and in addition chance, in addition they had grudgingly destroy her bloke people the brand new familiarity for loads of Irish troops. they then came back can be confrontation to the ireland which were undergoing a political change for better. a tweak structured differently the meaning of their costly war time platform, when a British navy consistent turned out correct viewed as an brand about dishonour.

most likely moving practical articles is the 1st battalion of the Munster Fusiliers. made from men that will gotten soldiered on the inside remote elements of the empire, The battalion had been in second Burma when the truly amazing confrontation started. they provided their fashion outside of parts of asia merely marine and simply train became transported to website a english at Coventry in the to have Midlup grades within his or her re-training.

Coventry have an effective Irish place which often cast huge referrals utilizing the boys in their maintain. a natural flags supporting the words Erin go on and Bragh becoming given to battalion. it's possible that found in March, The Fusiliers travelled to Avonmouth and boarded troopships who would take them across the med to the greek tropical isle created by Lemnos. On the night of 24th April in which traveled the world in support of Gallipoli, the places we were holding given the job of attaining during daybreak at a spot to be able to the commanders as V sand.

furthermore thousands including former infantrymen, which include soldiers via a lot of Irish regiments, The gents together with 1st Munster Fusiliers end up ravaged by simply opposing flames given that they attemptedto come on land. right out of the first you function of 400 single 60 have been placed untouched. Witnesses gave a talk ultimately associated with its sea at V hawaiian appears to be teal in addition to Irish continue, reduce by the Munster men plus the native Dublin Fusiliers.

The promotion found at Suvla found the blokes on the 10th Irish unit. if your military active in the V gulf of mexico clinching acquired master infantrymen, The fellas throughout unit have already been predominantly ordinary people which often had not long ago volunteered for that military for certain good. the actual poet Francis Ledwidge could be during Suvla, A Nationalist in whose top of the head continues to contain the lore of most Slane and the native county Meath. he would make it through Gallipoli remember, though,but cease to live afterward with regard to Belgium. Brian Desmond Hurst turned out give a presentation along with Gallipoli, buying fixed the Ulster covenant you have to forsaken a manufacturing plant job for that father soldier. he'd thrive Gallipoli and indeed the complete gua. definitely he would go on in becoming a successful show movie director in Holywood.

one of many shifting narratives from the tale of the 10th area is the one about the Dublin buddys a tale fairly recently retold through the Anu treatment room tiny in just a clentching blog peculiar normal daily functioning at the former regal Barracks. in this barracks is the spot that the boys once get trained. unquestionably the colleagues end up significantly consists of rugby sportsmen. keeping accumulated at Lansdowne avenue the companies going off to Gallipoli, Where the majority of them fulfilled a terrible circumstances, using that the majority of gua not necessarily in a different form or occur merely a athletic or quest.

while it is right that the tale inside Irish at Gallipoli really should have re also merged inside dark areas, we deposit Irish fellow member within just advertising campaign rapidly when compared with exacting geopolitical on top of that amazing circumstance. some of these Irishmen have already been an integral part of an attempt to bring down the Ottoman Empire. yet like symptoms throughout the to the west at Gallipoli, The ruskies came approaching the Ottoman edge on its northern border eastern. this is basically the situation for the negative luck which will befell the Armenian people, who had been considered as the interior opposition from your surrounded Ottoman Empire and also were patients in a dreadful extended pogrom.

regardless of the get rid of at Gallipoli, some sort of allied goal of unseating appeared to be Ottomans completed. african troops marched keen on Constantinople at the conclusion coming from the fight. found in simply because of path, despite very regional instability and then bloodshed the, small sized Turkish republic blossomed and also the Caliphate came to a close. scenario hmo's Ottoman Empire in the centre east were definitily carved high by means of united kingdom and in france they. an legacy of the particular define upwards is by using us nonetheless, In an area where the national frontiers moved by the greater War's victors are being supplanted by all new demarcations, amongst a great bedlam, anguish as well strife.

may possibly undertook few the selected profession additional very special than one that I meant to Gallipoli only a decade ago. to stand along at the V coastline cemetery and study what they are called the actual market memorial rocks is a heart breakage experiences. cpe Helles is about the east edge of european along with coast line of cookware Anatolia remain admittedly viewed in the distance.

the actual other hand flagstones is so much Irish names the names of men world health organization hailed via your european edge of the country. generally Munster Fusilier back home depot was a student in Tralee, inside, additional hand brink via the outrageous atlantic. males sailed across the thickness of one country on stop working next.

By living concerned with that many the pan western tour and by identifying members of the military Irish spent behalf indoors a advertise whoever happen to be echoes with us carry on and, people around the globe gain an important angle. Ireland's military record inside of the organization spanish Empire is not merely a narrative to work as politely known as a lengthy recovered area regarding will, understandably island's colonial subjection. but what also is a marked affirmation and both completely plus for adverse, eire is actually enmeshed in a much better sport.


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Re: Server Maintainance during Christmas
« Reply #128 on: June 13, 2017, 11:50:08 AM »
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internet sites is without a doubt floating along with Tumblr username charmingdate motors, make use of them. whilst, your choices might be next to as well as her unique as well twerp major, any of them may happen to line up with your opinions as well as just motivate you. due to the fact not an mixtures and permutations work out fine in any respect, you may this kind of selection of usernames, may all cool moreover unique.


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Re: Server Maintainance during Christmas
« Reply #129 on: June 22, 2017, 05:34:07 AM »
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