Author Topic: ****..... 3 accounts got Incorrected ID Entered..... *****  (Read 754 times)


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****..... 3 accounts got Incorrected ID Entered..... *****
« on: October 01, 2013, 11:31:16 AM »
I really don't know what is going on here, all of the sudden 3 of my accounts all have the message of Incorrect  ID Entered. 

I was on game and combining uniques and I saw I couldn't see guild storage, I exit game and I was able to go on my Knight, and after I restart my computer, I couldn't log in my Elem, Archer, Knight.

GM you better find out what is wrong with it, this happened the 2nd time already.

I will sent Help Desk ticket. Please read it. thanks.

As I said, check on all my accounts, if you think I did something wrong, than I deserve it, but I can speak to you clearly that I DID NOT using any bugs, but only use my time and money.
Windstar lvl 98 Archer
Drops lvl 120 Elem
Ocean lvl 120 Ranger
Earth lvl 120 Zerk
Yesneckrings lvl 99 Knight
Rocks lvl 120 Archer

I am ONLY with above in game names.