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Free Chat / Re: Extra inventory needed
« on: November 11, 2015, 12:37:01 PM »
another idea that is as old as this one is to stop making everything bound FFS!!!

GM has to pick...
1. new items not bound or account bound so they can go in safe keep
2. more FREE bag space!
the player isnt the one who has any say in how many bound items they need or have so why should be be forced to buy with money more space that the GM is causing us to need...

simple, aye?

Game Discussion / Re: {Poll}Infernum - Entrance Buttons for each class
« on: November 11, 2015, 12:30:00 PM »
instead of making it "special" for class or race, how about just making it large enough that enough people can actually farm without being on top of each other. there are not enough spots to efficiently farm, period. a larger map would also make it more interesting for the PKers so they have to work a bit for their pvp fun. as is now, they just run around a small circle in a pack killing easily anyone that has a mob or 2 on them.
the pvp aspect should always be in the game, but not in such a manner that it is too easily done as to interfere with the ability to obtain gear and materials in a reasonable manner.

also, this map is full of buggy graphics, ie: running along any path you will encounter a portion or the path that isnt aligned properly and creates a block to your running path.
the camera view can sometimes be limited by the terrain, ie: when turning a corner on the pathway the camera doesnt stay out at distance from your char cuz of the ending of the terrain of the pathway. if there is terrain that blocks this it is normal, but when it is empty space is when it becomes bothersome and un-needed.
those 2 things could be resolved easily, if whoever created the area had properly tested it before release or goes back and fixes them now that others have seen the issues.

Guild / Re: MollyHatchet recruiting
« on: October 26, 2015, 11:49:33 AM »
thx...but apparently some have missed the follow up post, just after the "I'm back" post...

as much as I would like to play again, it just isn't going to happen. Not in any kind of full time manner. Only in a, I'm bored wonder what i can waste a few minutes on, manner.  8)

Guild / Re: MollyHatchet recruiting
« on: October 22, 2015, 11:24:39 AM »

Guild / Re: MollyHatchet recruiting
« on: October 22, 2015, 11:21:32 AM »

Game Discussion / Re: Ini
« on: October 22, 2015, 11:08:18 AM »
Since the new patch for infernum my old ini file that showed farming items (unique and armour etc) doesn't work. Can anyone help with this?

Thanks in advance

the editor that was shared long time ago still works to edit item names. be sure to make a copy of the original before using.

simple and safe to use. browse for your justac game folder, choose what you want to change & click start. takes longer to run the more you change.

Game Discussion / Re: Ini
« on: October 21, 2015, 02:53:19 PM »
how many items did you try to change?

i used the editor but ONLY for realm gear and unique accessories, works fine so far. try changing less, might have something to do with changing the fantastic gems, there was an issue when they first came out, if i remember correctly.

Game Discussion / Re: Font in game
« on: October 21, 2015, 02:50:59 PM »
Being useful has nothing to do with it. Can you distribute a software without the licence just because it's "useful" ?

can we all see the hypocrisy of someone complaining about someone sharing someone else work...while on a forum for a private server being run by someone who was not the owner nor creator of said program?

gotta love it...

well,if u all farmed the morning of the patch realease u would get some good items before the lowered the box rate :p

as is always the case with this game...GMs see people getting drops and happy, "OH SH!T...NERF THE DROPS FFS!!! WE CANT HAVE THIS!!!"

every. freaking. time.....

Game Discussion / Re: New Crit Imbalance
« on: October 20, 2015, 02:21:34 PM »
most times i am right there with ya Vile. this time i have to disagree somewhat.

knights needed buffed on damg so they could also do something other than just stand there. the other crit classes really werent that bad, since they could be geared in an elemental based damg and still perform well. knights have the absolute worst elemental damg in game, period. even attempting to gear for ele damg was a real waste of time unless you are perma buffed with all ele damg party buffs & even then its atrocious @ best.

so, maybe the answer here is to test things for a while, then look at where all classes are once a good number of them get a good set up going and then adjust as needed within each class skill sets. as long as the multipliers for the first 5 or so pts in a skill dont get greatly reduced it shouldnt effect lower lvl chars trying to lvl up. adjustments on the 10+ skill lvls would be a good place to go for adjustments.

btw...i havent tried this update, nor can i since the game crashes before it gets up and great loss, i always have to do more with less and still at the end of the day i hold my head up high as fuck!!  8)

Half of the class already can't kill a ranger in 1v1.

for the love of AL....stop QQing about 1vs1 pvp FFS....this is a MMO not a fucking console single player game, with cheat codes for everything (well i guess for some there are for this game, just not for all)

if you can not kill a player get better FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!! & STFU!!!!

on topic....when i saw these new items my first thought was "YAY a knight has a chance to be useful for something other than a tank & a sorc can now maybe stand toe to toe with some crit classes, unless it gets perma-stun then better hope he has a hunter friend.
if all you see is imbalance, i suggest try playing pokemon or hello kitty, cuz this game has ALWAYS been about 1 or 2 classes being OP that everyone plays. your wish for balance comes at heavy costs somewhere somehow. suck it up princess...learn how to counter your enemy, make a lot of new friends, something tells me you are gonna need them...

thx for playin y'all,
Fister  8)

Game Discussion / Re: I want to say something about Archlord
« on: September 02, 2015, 03:54:47 PM »
So it's not against the rules now?
Is okay if u didn't mean to be invisible when u stamp ?  Nooow I get it.

Judgig by your other posts I'm appalled you were able to type something so ignorant.

What is he supposed to do? Relog during the archlord battle every single time his enemy (who put a ranger in his guild which is an insanely cheap tactic) decides to invis him?

His enemy lost via invis which was THEIR doing.

That's his enemies fault.

+1 *golf clap* for you sir. good job Blacknight

Guild / Re: MollyHatchet recruiting
« on: July 01, 2015, 09:14:10 AM »
i make the best of my 1.5 hr per week of game play :)

Guild / Re: MollyHatchet recruiting
« on: June 25, 2015, 03:12:12 PM »
ohhhhh, the horror...the filth....the NOOBIES!!!!!!!!

Guild / Re: MollyHatchet recruiting
« on: April 16, 2015, 09:41:12 AM »!?!

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