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Game Discussion / Wait what?
« on: September 24, 2014, 08:32:23 AM »

Hey guys! I'm glad you haven't forgotten about me despite my long retirement phase. Mind letting me know what I missed out on? And who is that guy Nesro? X'D

Free Chat / Screenshots/Videos of Elementalists in Bold Armor Suits
« on: May 10, 2014, 11:55:25 AM »
I'm currently looking for screenshots of Eles (or any other female classes but preferably Eles) in the Bold Armor suit. I would be amazed if it was the Blue/Silver and not the Red one, but if you can't find any blue ones just send me screens of the red suits.
I'm currently working on a photoshop project and I need them as a reference.
Thank you in advance

Contribution / Working Ini Editor?
« on: March 18, 2014, 07:10:56 AM »
Which Ini editor is still working and which one would you guys advice me to use?

Want to Sell (WTS) / WTS Ele/Mage HH & True Realms, Uniques etc. for Paypal
« on: February 04, 2014, 04:29:50 PM »
Gonna update this with screens tomorrow
Got 3/3 Int ohk, Exc Ohk,
0/1 Int Farens & Glor Farens, Gold etc.

Want to Sell (WTS) / WTS Int/Glor/Bril/Exc Uniques!
« on: January 03, 2014, 06:23:16 AM »

2x 0/1 Glor
2x 0/1 Bril
1x 0/3 Glor (WTT for Int 0/3)
2x 0/1 Normal
2x 0/3 Bril
1x 0/1 Int
5x 0/1 Bril
1x 0/1 Glor
2x 0/3 Normal
Sword Eater
8x 0/1 Intelligent
2x 0/1 Bril
1x 0/1 Glor
1x 0/1 Int
2x 0/3 Normal 6sc
1x 0/1 Glor
3x 0/1 Bril
2x 0/3 Normal
1x 0/1 Glor
1x 0/1 Int
1x 0/1 Normal
2x 0/1 Bril
1x 0/1 Glor
4x 0/3 Normal
2x 0/1 Normal


1x 0/1 Glor
1x 0/1 Int
2x 0/1 Glor
2x 0/1 Int
3x 0/3 Normal
1x 1/1 Glor Lv. 3 Cloak
2x 0/1 Bril
6x 0/1 Int
1x 0/3 Glor
1x 0/3 Excellent
3x 0/1 Glor
1x 0/3 Normal
1x 0/1 Int
1x 0/1 Normal
1x 0/1 Int
1x 0/1 Bril
1x 0/3 Normal

1x 0/3 Intelligent Biglos Necklace
1x 0/1 Int Biglos Necklace
1x 0/1 Normal Ring of Bellos
1x 0/1 Glor Zucker Necklace
1x 0/3 Zucker Necklace
3x 0/1 Bril Ciring Walker Necklace
1x 0/1 Int Ciring Walker Necklace
2x 0/1 Haul Ring
1x 0/1 Rapid Ring
2x 0/1 Glor Shocker
1x 0/3 Shocker
1x 0/1 Bril Shocker
1x 0/1 Int Shocker

WTB: Int Blode/Shuta 3/3 or 0/3
          Int/Exc Faren    3/3 or 0/3
          Int/Exc Ohkeros 3/3 or 0/3
Offer me here or via PM

Report / List of Known Bugs (by Kipslacher2)
« on: December 31, 2013, 03:26:28 PM »
Re-edited and sorted list of Kipslacher2 from the Webzen Forums

Sound bugs
- There is a sound bug where the back ground noise from other players keeps repeating itself .
- Sound files are bugged: the ambiant noises etc keep on repeating (some say it is only in windowed mode)

Display bugs
- The karon weapon at slayers appears only in one hand (the other hand shows no weapon equiped)
- There is a bug when you mouse over an item for the description then leave the side of the screen while in an NPC the menu stays up in the window.
- Sorcerer skeltons are not rendering their  skins/armor/clothes
- The Mini map on the top right disapears every time you use a portal ?
- Mount bug: Mounts leave trace images when following someone on mount. You see the mount with random numbers but no rider many times on the path they took.
- ice/lighting world drops stay on the ground if not picked up

Skill bugs

- Skills and buffs sometimes dont work when logging in (buffbug)
- Absolute Territory (Elementalist) and Deadman Awaken (Sorcerer) are effected by +1s and act like normal buffs
- Frost Armor (Elementalist) Buff gives Monsters and Players an attack speed debuff. Once the debuff landed the Elementalist will often stop walking, resulting in being incapable of kiting in PvE and running away in PvP. Additionally, once this debuff landed on someone doing a normal hit on the Elementalist the stamping process at castle siege will cancel
Sometimes the charaters even experience rubberbanding effects:
- Absolute Territory (Elementalist) Buff debuffs Monsters and Players with DoTs. Once the debuff landed the Elementalist will often stop walking, resulting in being incapable of kiting in PvE and running away in PvP. Additionally, once this debuff landed on someone doing a normal hit on the Elementalist the stamping process at castle siege will cancel
- HH skills for the elementalist are bugged, when getting the 1st HH passive for the first time it says it is at level 2 when it should be level 1.
- Being incapable of rebuffing after Mage used Antimagic on oneself ?
- Hunters HH skill Bloddy walk only increases skill cast by 1% after level 1. ( same goes for Elementalist's skill - it goes up by 2% ) ?
- Hunters skills Deminishing Hex and Subdue Prey both have a messed up range it supposed to be like 15 meters but in relaity it is only 5 meters
- Skills sometimes take twice the mana: e.g. if skill is supposed to cost 80 mana sometimes it consumes 160 MP ?
- Rangers' skill lighting trap does not work ( has no effect ) ?
- Hunters' skill Cure removes the icon only of Halt/restrian/repress (can not see when they end) should remove the skill not just icon
- Hunters' Enemy Bane Stance  has no Area of Effect range in the tool descrpition.
- Zerkers' Forced Battle increases the targets HP instead of decreases it. ?
- Knight Crit Passive- Doesn't work ?
- Archlord characters revive skill does not work
- Archlord charcters mount does not work
- Skill : Sacred one work : - 21 SB from who kill the pet ?
- zerk, knight normal attack (video from Erebos)
-problem with mana consumption: when you hold a key it consume double mana

Skillbar issues
- Skills dissapear from skill bar on re-log (or adjustments aren't saved)

Trade bugs
- During trades the confirmation window by the reciveer sometimes does not show the confirmation  text.  ( trade window bug )

Map, Mini-Map & Radar
- The mini map does not work in Chaotic Frontier , Battle ground, Heavens Hell or dungeons.
- Map bug: Scion caves are not labeled on the map
- Battle Royal Bleachers is in Korean font in portal description.
- Translation error on renshpere caslte ( get glyphs instead of it saying rensphere caslte )

Pet Bugs
- Pet will not loot items after you connect to the game and you have a pet activated  you have too turn Pet off and on to loot items.
- Pet feed does not seem to work (fixed??)
- Pet bug pet feed does not work when 2 pets are active.
- Pet feed bug sometimes pet feed does not work you have to turn your pet off then on again before feeding

Quest bugs
- There is a bug with the quest system log book, when you press Q  sometimes nothing shows up and also sometimes some quests get hifdden and others do not.
- Quest "Mithril Ingot" (Scenario: Vanished Steel Ingots) Ingots always stay to 0 quanity (can not complete quest)
- "Please fix it, Reloging in and out sometimes fixes the problem but not all the time., Then you have to search all over to what NPC gave you the quest to be able to read what you have to do to finish the quest it is a real pain in the bum"

Rogue bugs
- Rogue system notification says you are lvl 2 rogue when you are lvl 1 and lvl 3 when you are lvl 2
- When you go rouge the yellow stats that shows up is in kroean font
- There is a bug with the VP system it does not show a notification in chat when you get vp anymore ( video )
- VP Bug if player has over 80000 vp they dont get Rouge.

Auction House
- Auction house combination stones listed hard to read
- Prayer Stones are listed in the wrong order

RvR Bugs
- Some People attkaing boses do not get Battle ground buffs in Race vs Race battle.
- Characters in certain states don't recieve RvR buffs (crafting / being stunned / buffbugged )

Title system
- The XP bonus from the monster hunter titles is not working when you are in a party
- No titles for scion race in title manager
- Title quest in forest of pain for batte square does not count for all mobs and does not tell you how many you killed.
- The XP bonus from the monster hunter titles is not working when you are in a party

Gameplay issues
- When you click the passive section at the skil trainer the window disapears ( fixed for now?)
- Characters get randomly stuck in char selection
- Follow system does not work properly ( toons on follow take the shortest distance to the leader (pathfinding) instead of the leaders path
- weapon upgrade bug: can not upgrade weapons as the refinery is looking for lighting stones, they were renamed to thunder
- When taking the portal into Golundo there sometimes you get ported into the stairs wall
- Recovery pots do not work in the slot 2 for mana
- Xenon bug sometimes it cannot be taken out of the character window and is stuck unless you relog or equip another Xenon
-  Rapier bug sometimes it cannot be taken out of the character window and is stuck unless you relog or equip another Rapier
- Some item comparision windows are too large and don't fit on the screen O
- can not learn new recipies for cooking & Alchemy  ( )
- can not whisper or gate to people with filtered words/names EG Sexxmachine.
- Can delete charcater with out password confirmation
- Hot key customization does not work correctly
- Chantra bag bug each time you log in or character select the items always get moved around at random
-  bubble chat bug, the bubble chat appears ontop of players names etc
-The chat tab and blocking shouts etc does not work (or becomes buggy)
- guild description (new added function) seems to dont work at all. (Iratha)??
-Unable of seeing the world after reinstalling the game

- Crafting bug:
- When using mounts on a hunter the casttime gets bugged, only un- and reequipping gear sets the stats back to normal (

Siege Bugs
- Cancellation of stamping at siege due to certain buffs (Frost Armor, Absolute Territory, Expert Skill, some masks of Swash)
- Siege buffs are not given, attack and def buff
- Guild leader siege pets:  unavailable  and will be out dated if brought back so then need more HP

Translation Issues
- Client window for "Options" needs proper translations
- Character creation/customization (hair) translation missing
- Level up rewards translation is inaccurate
- comparison window of the item your have equipped needs translation
- mobs' shoutbubbles need translation

Kisplacher2's suggestions
- Godlike: Blocks Heavens Hells skills , it seems to be the only skill in game that blocks HH skills from hitting the player.
- Siege Towers, Gates, seal, achron eyes do not have enough HP for the damage created these days.
- Not able to use a skill twice on the skill bar ( suggested by (VL) Voldy )
- Mail system is disabled  ( take the item slot out of the mail system )
- Race vs Race battle ends to soon bosses in center and each race ground need more HP
- Guild leader siege pets:  unavailable  and will be out dated if brought back so then need more HP
- can not read some of the combined prayer stone names in AH or see prices
- Union and Party Chat: Union and Party Chat are Green and its not easy to see which one is what

Some other bugs that need to be confirmed by the community:

Since new episode went live, every time i log into server and i am on my mount I will be dead and I loose 3% xp.  Now when we log in we do not get unmounted like before.  So if i crash on my mount or foget to unmount before i log off i loose 3% exp.  Unecceptable.  I have already lost 6% and used 4 reverse orbs.
I tested further.  I have found that when i use the legend or Roux mount I have the glitch that kills me when i relog.

I went and purchased a grey rhino from the animal trader and used it.  this time when i relogged on my mount i was alive and did not loose exp.   I dont have any other wp mounts to test with. but im curious if any other wp mounts have this glitch?

-Sacred One Scion Skill- The skill doesn't work, the skill should summon a dragon lava, and it requires skill points to be used
- Halt/Restrain/Mental Severance/Confusion/Death Mark don't cause the caster to skull up but Mutation does?
- ice/lighting world mobs walk backwards away from player if slowed past 91% or something.

Suggestions / Buddy System Expansion
« on: December 29, 2013, 06:39:16 AM »
Hello JustAc Support Team,
I know you're currently lacking manpower and busy with stuff that has higher priority. Also I understand that if we alter everything too much our game won't be the Archlord it used to be anymore but rather just a modded version. Nevertheless I believe expanding the buddy system would be a gain for both parties - the server hosting side and your users.

Here are some suggestions:

Expand the buddy system until Level 120 and add new quests. The Exohas quest from Webzen was rather useless in my opinion, here are some ideas for possible quests:

- Reach Level 90, 100, 115, 120
- Collect 99 Spiral Hammer, Spirit Crystal, Heavens Sand, Undergrounds Fragment
- Kill 10 Cry of Furies
- Recieve the Collector of Stamina/PHysical Resistance/Attack Speed.... Prayer Stone Title
- Complete 20 Titles
- Complete the Storyteller, Alchemy Expert, Cooking & Collecting Research Titles
- Collect 30 Event Tokens
- Fight the endboss in the HH instance
- Kill Gracia/Zian/Udgrasil/ Scion boss

Possible rewards:

- Dimension Cloak Chest / Elemental Cloak Chest (either one D/E to the host and one D/E to the buddy or add an option of having a choice)
- 25% EXP to the host / recruit
- 5x Compound Potion (Event Bound)
- Release of Agreement
- Ring Spirit Chest
- 3x Potion of Bravery
- 10x Nectars of each kind (event bound?)
- Fruit Ice Bufffood or 20 / 20 / 20 materials for crafting them

I understand that JustAc need some profit to run their servers but by creating new quests on a moderate level of difficulty you wouldn't lose too much money and besides that people would make new toons. It'd surely also be a guideline for newbies and returned players.


Tutorial / Any Video guides requested?
« on: December 13, 2013, 06:07:50 PM »
Hello guys,
as many of you already know making videos is one of my passions.
I'm preparing a video-vlog explaining the essential steps of the current
buddy system, giving tipps on how to finish it in the easiest way and
where to level which class.
As writing every information down and blending it in is really hard work
I'm considering just recording audio commentaries with my headset.
Now I know there are some pricks within the game and as I'm doing
something for the community I demand you guys not to mess with
my videos (no downloading/editing/flamewars).

Are there any other requests for video tutorials?
My ideas are:
Class Guide
- Ele
- Swash
- Mage
PvP Guide
- Stats (HH Def/Dmg/...)
- Stacked skills
- Casting Techniques
Interactive World
- Siege explanations
- RvR explanations
Overall tutorials
- differences on this server (for people getting started)
- going through the different episodes and the newly implemented maps/items (for people who played in CM or quit before HH)

Leave your feedback here, my time is limited and it'd be a shame if I'd waste it^^

Suggestions / Add language sections to the forums
« on: December 08, 2013, 09:11:39 AM »
What about adding german/portuguese/spanish/italian/french... sections to the forum board? For people who don't speak english very well

Report / Heroic Defense/Damage Bugs
« on: November 21, 2013, 09:04:41 AM »
I guess the entire support staff knwos about the bugged Heroic Defense but there are multiple ways in how the gameplay is affected:

1) Heroic Defense reduces incoming skilldamage dramatically (depending on the other stats and on the char attacking you 20 Heroic Defense can reduce around 200 skill-damage)

2) Heroic Damage enhances the characters accuracy on normal hits (seen easily on classes with high heroic damage and thus higher accuracy)

3) Heroic Defense decreases accuracy of any character attacking the one with high heroic defense

I hope these bugs were already known, but in case they weren't it'd be amazing if you found a way to fix it. It has been bugging the game ever since HH exists and WZ never found a way to solve this issue.

Suggestions / Suggestions, things that need to be fixed etc.
« on: November 21, 2013, 07:56:18 AM »
Correct translations/text fixations needed at:
- Siege announcements (Stamping/Starting the siege/Archon Eyes)..
- Heavens Hell Portal to the bossroom (Doesn't show the proper time)
- Map Files
- Skill descriptions

1) Add a Box showing the kill - and death rates during siege & RvR
2) Add a Box showing the time left, the last stamper, the stamping progress in % for Sieges
3) Add a Box showing the remaining time and bosses during RvR
4) Add modification options for the chat and allow to block the shout (Filters for shout etc. would be awesome)
5) Publish the renewed skillbar which is in the making
6) Add an option to turn Auto-Hits off to the Game Setting Options (as Critters can't turn Lens off)
7) Add daily restarts (even if it's difficult it would make such a change!)
Optional extensions:
8) Add a section for CC items which can be exchanged for the blue event stones at the Blue NPC (50 Stones -> 1 Stack Combi or so)
9) Suits which could be added:
  - Oriental Suit
  - Maid Garments (Red&Black, Brown&White)
  - Goth Loli Suit could be reimplemented (Black / Red)
  - Angel Suit (Black)
  - One-Piece swimsuits
  - Bold Armor
  - Devils
  - Christmas Suit
Maybe I forgot some suits, here is a screen showing some of the missing ones, in case you need more screens for every suit let me know

Guild / Solaris are looking for a nice union!
« on: November 05, 2013, 03:55:49 PM »
Hello guys,
my friends and I are currently looking for a union. These are our requirements:
- Kind/polite members
- English-speaking
- small - average sized
- Neutral (regarding hostility/alliances)
- willing to help allies in need

Some information about us:
We are Radix/Solaris from Zian. I was the leader of Solaris on Archon ever since Ant0nastyle quit. Later I rebuilt my former guild with the core members and new friends. This guild, called Radix arose from nothing and was first allied to Dreadlords but later a third-sided guild.
We had a great time with many friends and some of us joined this server. Currently we are a small community of friends looking for someone fun to play with as a union.
We would like to stay neutral at first. Currently I am available during the weekends and on monday/thursday and friday.

If you feel that we could be the perfect match make sure to pm us ;)

Free Chat / At Destructior
« on: October 24, 2013, 01:51:33 PM »
Sorry, I had an important call that's why I went afk all of a sudden ;))

See you around

(Sorry, didn't know his forum account)

Want to Buy (WTB) / WTB Swash HH lv. 90 parts
« on: October 15, 2013, 01:45:34 PM »
- Armor
- Cap
- Armpads

Offer: All mats back + ?
PM me with your price.

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