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Game Discussion / Change / Inquire
« on: July 11, 2021, 11:35:53 AM »
Dear Admin / GM Team.

You might have seen at the official discord of the server that many players  are pretty unhappy with the results of refinery and drop.

The reason is probably behind their anger is the same as mine . We are working every day,some of us are even on saturdays,and are able to play 2-3 hours only a day if we are lucky.

The current stage and even the next,look pretty horrible with the material requirement you set for the new uniques,to get 4 excellents for one. I am playing this game for a pretty long time,but I havent witnessed such a retarded refinery rate so far than since the new server is up,farming 26 hours to get an excellent unique due to bad drop rate and refinery rate? This is pretty tremendous time since most of us cant sit at home and play all day long to get an excellent.

This sets so many hours only for double clicking onto mobs and buffing up to make it faster,that I get the reason why do we see a lot of players selling their high geared chars and lvl 95+ chars,due they dont want to keep on wasting their time for things like this.

I think in many players name I can ask,or inquire for the drop rate and refinery rate to be higher.

UI : 4 hours of farming podons,9 refineries,0 succes

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