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Game Discussion / Surprise!
« on: November 11, 2019, 03:35:32 AM »
I am surprised this is still existing. I have no plans on installing, sadly, I don't think the glory of 2013 for this will return anytime. However.
How are you, how is the server.

At least 100 active players online simultaneously?
GM active?
gears are broken?
Was good to pass by and say hi, from the very beginning of this server's opening, I remember some of you! and if you still enjoy it, I hope you still have fun there!

Game Discussion / How is the server going!
« on: March 23, 2017, 01:44:52 AM »
Hello how are the reports of this game so far? how alive? is it nice with the updates? how are admins behaving? and community?

Game Discussion / how is the game going
« on: July 10, 2016, 10:24:44 PM »
Halo how is justac nowadays, archlord.. met it at around 2010 I think, during halloween, was the best game I played, not long after that experienced server merges, and then heard about a guy hosting justac in a beta stage, tried it, but yet I kept playing WZ archlord, no longer after it justac oficially opened, I remember being here at the launch, hell yes we had a loooooooooooot of players everywhere, in dragonscion land, moonelves, humans, orcs, all was crowd!

then went to original archlord, because there were two events, before game closed, a guild called Dreadlords won the first AL battle in the merged server and got a cape, a friend of it gave me one in a normal necklace I remember, people was so mad though, then after it, the guild where I was in got the archlord title, lasted two months, my leader a berserker was really nice, and was the last archlord of the merged server, can't remember exactly the merge but I was playing in gracia I think, which got merged with another, was the top most populated, my guild as archlord winner and everything, was fun, but not longer after that, game closed and so permanently moved here, now I don't see many people talking about the game.

Will archlord disappear with the time?
is justac the last archlord server?

If it has to happen, was really nice, and won't regret saying best game I've played, and if it survives, will be glad to return to it someday. Been off from archlord for around 3 years right now, and I miss it.

Game Discussion / Admin please
« on: October 01, 2015, 06:07:00 PM »
At once, please let's be serious. Yes  atteon no stupid comments this time let's get to the point.

I'm worried. Games nowadays are a copy of eachother, just a few are original, and I consider archlord (not Al X AL II,) like in episode 3 and below a very original and one of the best in my list, now AL 2 closes, worries me beause I didn't even try it, but now there's no longer oficial archlord hosters, so all depends of private servers, and god damnit everytime I come to this forum, I just see ''SOON''

I worry because I don't want this game to close, it's amazing, so, what can guarantee us, that the game will keep running with no problem?

- New pserver?  (who would host it, it's hard to me to think someone will do it)
- Justac will keep it alive? (I doubt this now, I don't see much of admins! everytime admins leave a game for a while the game closes a month/months later!)
- New game? (pls no)

YES I've been off from AL a while but still if there was an archlord active runnin over there i'd surely play it agian, but now I worry if they release more content in justac, I mean yes people right now plays only justac since it's the only ''hope'' ATM I think, but yes admin you really have to act pls stop saying soon and soon there's not gonna be official archlord soon and many would hate if archlord (the raw game, original version) stopped running from all servers act now please

Game Discussion / Haaii guys
« on: August 16, 2015, 02:04:12 PM »
Hows it going  ;)

Game Discussion / bettah
« on: April 11, 2015, 11:36:03 AM »
what has more people so far? JAL or ClassicAL?
just asking, jal seems pretty populated, not sure havent played!

Game Discussion / Quitting
« on: December 19, 2014, 12:21:53 AM »
Hello guys... has been long since... I stopped posting biblic posts... and support as before, but, I am not enjoying.. at all, I've made rivalities in this forum, 90% of them are men, and many friends from all genres, I never hated any of you, it was always interesting to get you on my discussions, honestly I like you all. But I won't be doing it any longer.

I miss the old support, before I was comfortable with the fact it was easier to me to contact justac and the admins, now I also tried, but in a different way,  and yes it worked.. but...

Since my old WZ friends left justac, I've been feeling lonely here, and I also miss that old important and hated people by their skills such as knightnewage, who was the first tank we had, and the big rivality between x7000 and Revenge, I miss both of them. And other friends.

Just glad there's not enough old in justac but enough experienced people that still playing such as rage, vile, not sure if victory, and swashrevenge, I am glad they still playing honestly.

My life is good, I have been busy in real now with a new job, and new things that came up, in game, the goal of Amber was to never hit level 120.
And she will never because she is still learning how to use skills, and play, because instead of killing monsters and fighting, she was studying all the time, hehe.

She will not longer bother any of you ingame, you won't see her online from now.
In forum, I tried to be the other face of the players and admins, a neutral guardian-try who regulated either players and admin actions and updates, and it was funny to try helping that way.

Usually I was discussing, but will not happen anymore, so if you enjoy, to discuss with me, or bother me, do it this thread, because will probably be the last time we discuss like children,  I enjoyed every single topic we had together here people.

I might return if I see changes in the future, but for now, I leave all in hands o'hope of the VLs and admin, the only thing I will keep thinking is I want archlord to stay alive, I hope they stay with that plan in mind, I have the hope this game will survive long.

With all my love
- Amber

Game Discussion / Chinese VS EU flamers AKA Carebears #TotalFlaming
« on: December 09, 2014, 04:17:31 AM »
Just get over it.

I am removing pictures from thread to resume all this stuff:

Your racism/hate/brainless heads drive you all to a lifeless mood here in archlord, instead of making friends you make enemies, you have health heart issues due your rages. And others.

I suggest you do not keep giving care about these threads neither flame, whenever you see someone cheating report it, stop coming up to forum saying lies.

Now I let you all see the negative responses, and rages in the responses of this thread, just to verify how inmature you are.

I won't stop doing this, everytime I have free time out of job and life stuff, I come up here to flame some carebears and laugh out of loud of you all and your inoscence, haha. Keep doing it, I love you all.

Game Discussion / Thread of the Thousand Streams
« on: November 30, 2014, 12:10:34 PM »
if you want to skip this message, read after the line in maroon colour that says ''============================================''
If you can help me, please read after the line in green that says: ''========================SUPPORT==========================''

Hello. First of all, I have been out for long. I know a few of you know who I am, most like not, and that could be a reason why the treat is different. But not speaking mainly of the community.

I've never blamed admins, never said bad words against justac team. Quite contrary, I used to support the guys a lot.
Before the last pick-up of the volunteers, I was cheering some of my friends to participate.
And it worked, I belived they were the perfect example of who'd fit to it.

Now that some got the broom in hands, I can relax, so all is peace for now, I hope.

- So what's exactly the problem?
Honesty, nobody here is like oh a player that started playing justac before it opened no, nobody of us did do that, but I am something close to an old player even knowing justac  is not old, and I've been so comfortable working with admins.

I loved, lovedlovedloved, to work for admins, like an assistance, actually I wasn't looking for a rank, and even I got some rewards by doing it, most likely, all the work I was trying to perform was with:

-Mainly: GM-Joffrey (this one was my favourite, whatever you said, but this guy was attending the glitches/stuff in game I reported to him, and considered him my friend)

- Justac (since he was advertising in webzen/forum/helping in facebook page, he's the hero)

- GM-Landelina (kinda short, but still I was supporting through landelina when joffrey was busy)

But now, the whole system has changed guys.
Been noticing in my last tickets, there's brand new admins, I am glad and don't have problems with that. I know some of they are/were news and unexperienced, as everyone with their first '''job'' if it's one, but that's the point of failing, getting better, which even justac followed and look where's he now. High! High! :)

Too bad, can't tell you guys many of the reasons/situations the admins disappointed me recently, but I can inform you about the previous one since is nothing important:


= I am gathering information about archlord guys, because, I like you all, Im trying to build a whole time line, from the begin of archlord, code masters, korea, webzen to justac, to remember us all how were the thngs before and how are they now.

But not just a timeline, a video timeline.

So I was asking general information to admins recently, like, what was the previous plan before justac, opening dates? when did justac launched the website/beta/official version, some funny dates in the justac story/important dates/a date where a super hacker did something or a glitcher (ZerkRage help me out with this my lovely :9) and so on and so on.

So if you guys can support by helping me with archlord dates from begin, doesn't matter if the date is from codemasters I'll look it up/research for it all, so I can get you all a warm timeline as a christmas present for the community, I ask you guys because admin won't reply to me now, and I know Amber is unactive, maybe that's why I'm being ignored now, but I hope you guys can help me this time,   be my admins this time instead, I'd appreciate your help (:

If nothing happens, nobody answers the thread, doesn't matter, I'll just leave the idea, still I like you all (:

Spanish / Ya no hay nadie que hable espanol?
« on: August 29, 2014, 03:35:52 PM »
Ya no queda nadie que hable espanol en Justac? ):

Want to Sell (WTS) / Selling noobie stuff [ The nub Amber shop]
« on: August 14, 2014, 06:10:21 PM »
Since I am back but without that much time as before I am trying to earn money I am poor as hell lel, so here's some cheap stuff that I even sell cheaper for anyone your price, because I am just trying to earn a thing of money to progress in a character! cheap enough like 1 scroll + 20m or something like that:

Luke 0/1
Luke 0/3
Int luke 0/1
glorious blode rings (2) 1/1 5% and 7% resistance
gaudius rings (3) 0/1
HH 80 archer/berserker/ranger pants
A full noobie knight armor hh 80 (yeah this was a donation, the whole armor is hh80 no shield/sword with lvl 3/4 stones)

Of course most of those are not that hard to get and I will not be lazy waiting for someone that would buy atleast one! gotta keep hopping and working for gold in some other ways :D! thanks for reading!

Report / Fix the downloads!
« on: August 09, 2014, 09:28:45 PM »
Been trying to download justac over 6 times these 3 days came back and at the last 4 seconds, always when finishing downloading unknown error and it doesn't download, it doesn't happen to me only some are already being bothered saying that their justac zip is damaged by the same reasons, refresh/update the downloads please admins, thanks.

I've finally been able to download justac, however was slowly connected with itnernet due the direct download option. This one worked, however the google download is kinda broken since I tried over 6 times and nothing worked and others told me they had the same problem but with direct download is like 15 min slower but worked

Suggestions / List of unused items
« on: August 09, 2014, 04:37:30 PM »
Hai, I was thinking in posting this many times but I just felt like doing it today. I have been out for months maybe they implemented one of these, maybe not, but if some didn't know/didn't remember or misses old things and looks, but also to hope for a possibility that our staff could add some of these or new content based in the previous items that existed in archlord,  take a look to these:

part 1.- costumes and other event items

Game Discussion / Helppppa!!!
« on: August 07, 2014, 08:07:50 PM »
Been out a long and I'm downloading the game, I was reading that a lotta'people got hacked, so thats why I am downloading agian to check if I was one of the victims...

but also worried about justac vs AL2 I haven't even tried al2 people says is way different to original AL. And I worry about how is the justac ingame community currently running, still populated? is true all are chinese:? god damnit!

Tutorial / How to make gold 300-500m a day!
« on: May 02, 2014, 12:04:22 PM »
Hello in game I am Amber and I am poor, but that's because sometimes I'm kinda lazy and I prefer going to hh and other stuff instead of getting gold, but I'm thinking in creating a character agian just to get maa gold baack >-<! and yes, some ragers will flame me because of my guild, but I won't worry about them, I'm peaceful and I just try to help hehe.

This is an easy guide to make high amounts of gold without having to trade to others



What do you need?
- Character level 60-97 (after 98 you can't)
- A LOT of roundtrip passports
- A pet for auto pick up items
- normal extra large potions

For levels 60-70

Buy poison or light world passports (atleast two) and teleport to Terranoa

Note:If you are level 60, try in the level 60 spots around all the desert, spots with monsters level 60-68, but if you are level 66 or higher, try this:

Then go on the time warp Area and walk to North Latria
Walk behind The Crypt and you will see some yellow monsters and a small boss, is the same thing don't worry. These guys drop elite/rare/normal armor/weapon level 60-70 almost 80, and normal rings, uniques such as ohkeros, zucker necklace and shocker necklace.[/u] with the same levels, so what you gonna do is pull these guys quick take armor, and if they drop silver/gold chests or monarch/hero pendants, drop/trash them, you will only want the lvl 60-80 armor and rings/necklaces, and once your inventory and your pet's inventory is full, use roundtrip passport, then use poison world passport and teleport to deribelle, then go to Tor Fortress and there you go, everytime you use roundtrip passport to Tor Fortress, the merchant is gonna be really close to you.

Now, just trade to any merchant and sell all your items. NOTE don't sell uniques, because these monsters can drop uniques ^^ remember to drop treasure chests, monarch pendants, hero pendant etc because they can't be sold.
[/b] [/color]

Same process! for levels 75-80 (recommended)

This time we go on any of the main cities and find the big purple portal to frozen world

Remember: you need white recover/elemental potions in these worlds to recover your health, unless your class is such as elementalist, for auto recover with skill :D!


Last spots, recommended levels: 80-95
  Now agian, you need two poison/light passports, go to Terranoa and you have two choices: The player bounds or the orc village.
In the orc village there's three spots: orcs (they drop a lot of things to sell, but they won't drop uniques.
- Gold scorpions can't remember their names, the zebus scorpions gold and the non gold scorpion but with yellow name, they drop stuff like orcs and a chance to drop uniques.
And also the nekros rage spot, south from the orc village, but is harder to kill them because they can hide sometimes.

In the Orsilian spots, there's like 4 spots, with yellow monsters, the player bounds zebus crushers, and zebus Scouts. They drop gaidus rings, hwaridum necklaces, luke necklaces, shocker and sword eater rings. Each full pet and your inventory with stuff to sell to merchant in these spots give you 2m to 4m coins. The same thing happens in the ogre village spot.

Easier way to explice: pull, pick all the items, you might get uniques, drop treasure chests and necklaces such as pioneer/hero/monarch/gaiaa tree rings, drop these and keep picking elite/normal/rare/unique items, use roundtrip, sell everything, make good cash, return and repeat! you'll make money really fast while farming!

There's much more spots in south latria also, and in the asylum dungeon there is spots for levels 60-85, try whatever you want, this guide is to teach people how to make gold without trading with other people, and is easy! :D you can even share the spot because it doesn't take long to fill your inventory with items!

Honestly, one day I remember myself along with an old friend, we we're in party sharing experience and drops in ice world, while leveling and farming we used to do this trick about selling the items in merchant to tor fortress, we made like 600m in two days with a non/stop of like... 4 hours or 3 per day >< was long ago when amber was level 80... like... 9 or 10 months ago IDK ><

  You will share your money, won't you? ><

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