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Want to Sell (WTS) / wepons/item to sell by PP only
« on: July 03, 2018, 07:16:18 AM »
sell items for scion (orbiter) +/- summoner too /knight/archer
check video :

sorry for the quality ,  i did it fastly  :P
feel free giving price , if i dont answer then im not interesed about the offer
Paypall only .

Want to Sell (WTS) / WTS items&unicks or account
« on: June 11, 2018, 09:39:23 AM »
item to sell or account directly by Paypall
scion lv 120 / orbiter class ( but able to play as sumonner ) with warrior of nightmare title

stuff HH :

cap   HH 90   ultimate
garb  HH 90  resistance lv 6 / hp % lv 6 / dim rez lv 6 / CD lv 6
glove HH 90  ashtall stone
boot  HH 90  ashtall  stone
pants HH 90  dim rez combined stone / ashtall / skill block lv 6
glove HH 90  scion stone
boot  HH 90  scion stone
glove HH 90  lv 6 stone atack speed and crit stone lv 6

wepon HH xenon lv 80
x6 ashtall stats : all ele 14 / dmg 17 / atack rate 21 /

unicks :

x1 int shocker : ultimate / stam lv 6 / dim cloack lv 4
x1 exel yalquinas : ultimate / stam lv 6 / 9% res
x1 exel yalquinas : ultimate / stam lv 6 / 8% res
x1 exel faren : ultimate / stam lv 6 / lv 5 ele cloack

stuff CF :

pants : sb lv 6 res lv 6 ashtall : Bstats : resistance 12% / hp 230 
pants : sb lv 6 res lv 6 scion   : Bstats : resistance 12% / hp 140
top    : sb lv 6 res lv 6  /dim res lv 6  /cooldown lv 6
boot  :  x2 ashtall : Bstats : block 9% MS : 11%
boot  : MS lv 6 / drop rate lv 6 Bstats : MS 12%

stuff battle squar :
cap : ultimate
top : lv 6 res / sb / cd / dim res
BS xenon wep lv 55 full ashtall flash and burn / breath of rage / killing breath
BS xenon wep lv 78 full ashtall stats yellows : remove armor / flash and burn / screamer
BS xenon wep lv 78 full scion stats yellows : remove armor / flash and burn / lose mind
BS karon wep lv 78 x5 ashtall stats yellows : body check / lose mind / break armor

true stuff ORBITER oriented :
top : max hp 12% stam 20 / res 13% / CD 8% / dim res 18%
yellows stats : remove armor / push away / flash and burn

Oriental glory boot NPC boot sb 6% bonus: with x2 ashtall :

buffing stuff ORBITER oriented :
lv 92 wep with +1 rank with yellows bonus skill : flash and burn / remove armor / x 6 ashtall
bron bracer : yellows : swift / rush hour
shining radiance pants : yellows : swift / shadow effector
shining radiance bracer : yellows : great of honor / smart sniper
bron boot : yellows : great of honor

buffing stuff SUMMONER oriented got many other item to increas buff but to lazy to add them  :
kenselnime bracer : yellows : sacred one / perfect sense / world ruler

wepons :
lv 92 xenon wep scioned + combined stats : dmg 47 / all dim 29 / all ele 28 / ign deff 28%
lv 92 karon wep scioned + combined stats  : dmg 58 / all dim 21 / all ele 29 / ign ele res 9%
lv 92 karon wep ashtall + 1 RANK
lv 92 xenon wep ashtall + 1 RANK with the yellows debuff i said in ( buffing stuff orbiter )
lv 92 karon wep ashtall stats : all dim 23 / 13% crit -220 dmg / dmg 56 ( crit karon )
lv 92 xenon wep ashtall + combined might stone stats : dmg 40 / ign deff 27% / 14% crit - 230 dmg  ( crit xenon )

bonus : can also sell skillbuild / teaching how to play an orbiter depend with the target and every information
bonus n2 : also a inexistant expandable skillBar XD

French / xVALIANTx
« on: February 24, 2018, 08:32:48 AM »

Salut a tous
la guilde xVALIANTx
recherche de nouveau joueurs Francophone !

nous somme pour plus ou moins tous des anciens de la guilde : SonsOfZeuS mais nous avons aussi des francophones de toute guilde sur le discord , Frere D'arme/BornInHell /RetardMafia
nous somme revenue avec un tout autre nom de guilde pour un nouveau type de team si interesser

n'ésiter pas a nous contacter simplement par le forum ou in game  !

nous utilisons Discord en général

a bientot Ig :)

Want to Sell (WTS) / REAPER
« on: January 10, 2018, 02:52:16 PM »
WTS x 2 reaper 3/3

ulti stam lv 6 phys rez 9% by pp

Free Chat / Primate/cupcakee
« on: December 27, 2017, 11:21:39 AM »

his also on List of scamer so be carefull with trading with that retarded french .
(his also saying that his the brother of 4wsv )
he also tryed when Beastmod was in game by PP money back !


French / Noyé joel en avance !
« on: December 18, 2017, 03:14:08 AM »
J'ai bien peur de pas avoir le temps de vous souhaiter de joyeuse fête a tous , donc je prefer m'y prendre a l'avance en vous souhaitent d’agréable soiré & fête en famille ! tout ca en video !
bisous les tchoin's


Want to Sell (WTS) / WTS FEARLESS NECK 3/3
« on: November 24, 2017, 09:06:16 PM »
Fearless neck to sell :


Want to Sell (WTS) / WTT/S REAPER
« on: November 20, 2017, 08:17:54 PM »
WTT/s 1 REAPER RING 3/3  FOR X2 shuta alcadia or x2 blode OR Paypall 45 euro

Want to Sell (WTS) / WTS for PAYPALL/Skrill/alcadia
« on: November 14, 2017, 07:01:30 AM »
WTT 1 REAPER RING 3/3  FOR X2 shuta alcadia or x2 blode

WTT EC ( 718 EC )for Alcadia (EC or item or skrill/paypall

WTS 2X SUIT +1  2B3 each.

WTS X 2 EXEL YALQUINAS 5 euro for all
one with : ultimate , stam lv 6 phys rez 8%
second with x2 stam lv 6 + 8% phys rez

WTS X2 glorious okheros 3/3
X2 STAM LV 6 + 7% phys rez on both

WTS BS SCION wep better for Orbiter make you able to tank and debuff in the same time


Free Chat / Siege+ winners of Event
« on: November 05, 2017, 10:56:00 AM »
Hello everyone , i hope you are all okay , me im fine , well the ' sing song ' event is finished and you will know now who's the winners !

@Lostrelic everything goes easy for you but we(GO/RM/REBELS) wanted to show off what can happen if we organisate thing like this , anyway , i will say a big-big thanks to all who worked on this ' objectiv ' particulary both side Eijun and Br0ken and their members , and i will also say thanks to shankbaba for the support you did same goes for Dinaka/Chiyaku/Avel and many other person who did his little work to support me on this thing and ideas !

i lets you now enjoy that ' WTF ' video i promissed you will see i did something clearly different than before ! and between the main song is now a Hymne for me i realy loved that one and i dont know why , but the main song is just perfect about many thing happen before i did some work around with the event/siege strategy and organisation everything btw my mind and the song was like in the same sense and ti remember me a lot of thing/time before also with some SOZ friend who was around so yes the main song is just awesome

surprise !!! :  on the video i react to few song in real ;)

cheer have a nice end of weekend all !

Video :

Winners :
@Amoswar Legend Never Die . ( main favorite song from all )
@Ragazzy Mo.Bounce ( i used only a little thing but you deserve 1B you make me laught.
@KirbYyY123 Hollywood Undead - Riot ( i used a little parts of the song so you also deserve 1B golds )

send me a privat mess on forum with your character name i will be here to give you your gift

Free Chat / [EVENT] show me your song
« on: October 31, 2017, 06:16:19 AM »

( Possibility to dont have any winners if your song sux ! )

the winner won 1B golds + will edit my video and add the song on video !
Event end the : 03/11/2017
Result will be added the : 05/11/2017
How to participate : link me your youtube fav song that you think i can use on my next video

cheer enjoy ! 
#MakeALgr8Again .

(edit : give me a Youtube link on coment )


Suggestions / Improved VIEW OF SKILLS CHANGE
« on: October 18, 2017, 05:18:15 PM »

Hello i did a thread before to know many idea thing that can improve gameplay and many class that arent played well , at the begining the idea of using the HH buff that were useless was an idea i did together with Rayla/Alyar long time ago  ) so i would like to show you off that new change idea i will aslo thanks everyone in priv mess/server/coment that gived me idea )
Dont miss to vote to prove to admin that you are waiting to see something like this added to the game also sending this thread to him will help i count on you alls



Elemantalist Orbiter


Slayer Swashbuckler



1    Vl+gm can creat every month a Best Of EA Class.
2    balor spawn each 1 hours with special item
3    Nekros spawn each 2 hours with special item
4    Fate Insect spawn each 4 hours with special item
5    Add low boss for Chaotic frontier with special item
6    found a way to make Combined wepons more usefull than it is
7    HH entrace back ?
8    upgrade the HP of door castle to make it more stronger
9    give more Vl than can clearly help the comunity
10  creat a discord to have a better comunication with your players like all privat server alrdy do
11  more vent that includ the gm on it like found the gm and other
12  3VS3 / Guild VS Guild event
13  hell ye Fix the lag is a priority
14  all Avatar should be +1 rank suit to make more customization
15  increas AL title give more dmg and buff for himself to be able to do something interssent
     instead of sitting in town

Suggestions / View of change skills(idea)
« on: October 17, 2017, 06:29:29 PM »
Hello there is a thread with some idea that can be added in game to improve the server  activity and could bring back in game few guys that are sad to dont play there class properly due to the last patch with the new unicks and  to be honest putted out few class out from the fight and fun in archlord justac server .

anyway feel free to lets me know what you think about it , if its could help or not , what is your opinion and else that can improve the main idea from this thread  ( mostly i will talk about class )


well im done with this idea i think its wont make anything more OP cuz its only few extra bonus that have very low duration and it will make much more sens to have a lot of different class to make a real great fight ! at least with those idea , every single class will be needed and helpfull
im also okay if someone want to improve the idea or want to arg about it only to improve it , if im going on a wrong way with that type of ideas , i hope some of you will support it , to show off to admin that those type of thing can make fun back in game , can make a big change on team fight and make it more strategic than at the moment !


about to have activity in game :

1    Vl+gm can creat every month a Best Of EA Class.
2    balor spawn each 1 hours with special item
3    Nekros spawn each 2 hours with special item
4    Fate Insect spawn each 4 hours with special item
5    Add low boss for Chaotic frontier with special item
6    found a way to make Combined wepons more usefull than it is
7    HH entrace back ?
8    upgrade the HP of door castle to make it more stronger
9    give more Vl than can clearly help the comunity
10  creat a discord to have a better comunication with your players like all privat server alrdy do
11  more vent that includ the gm on it like found the gm and other
12  3VS3 / Guild VS Guild event
13  hell ye Fix the lag is a priority
14  all Avatr should be +1 rank suit to make more customization

thx to the guys who readed this long thread
to help me and help the server ( particulary admin  ) i realy would love that you guys send it to him and ask him that we(YOU) would love to see this coming !
feel free to share your opinion !


edit: im waiting opinion from : the actualy best of EA class ( i know we got many ppl around )  or importent players that have lot of knowledge about their own class and main it since a very long time !
so tell me if those type of idea wont destroy the server or wont destroy the fight/fun would be nice to say it to me lol

Want to Buy (WTB) / WTB GOLDS
« on: October 10, 2017, 12:37:45 PM »

Game Discussion / Opinion about those privat server
« on: June 21, 2017, 11:21:46 AM »
Hello everyone , its again me melixx lol
well this time i spended a few time to contact/talk to you guys about thing about the game Archlord ( those privat server trololol )
i mean with those privat server like : Justac/custom-AL/and now the Epi III of osiy( i duuno how he called is privat server lol )
ppl have been completly separate on 3 different server ! ( even if we are not so much ><" )

i admit that Justac is now so fucked admin dont try anything to grow up and to clean is server so i supose only at weekend we can found few fun
(even if at the moment justac stay at least the server that stil growed up more than the others server with infernum and else )

about customAL , i admit that none playing on it or maybe very few guys to bad beceaus the admin have few funy and good idea i mean it can be a cool server

about the new Epi3 server i doubt that there we have a way to have fun ot it , i see many thing that disturb me to be honest even if i like the Gm who created it
but do you guys are ready to start from zero on a server that give chance only to player that pay to grow up ?
are you guys ready to have a hard try of lvling time and droping unicks ? i doubt ,i see many ppl who were happy as fuck when the server opened ( me on first to be honest but hmmm ... )
but now what happen ? without the event of drop/xp ? do you guys feel how the try hard is ? i doubt that the best way to play on Epi3 atm
to bad beceaus long time ago when i see that osiy will creat a server i realy hope that the server will be just epic
but hmm its not at the moment , i tryed it and idk something make me feel that something is wrong on this server i dont write this to be agains this server i just want to warn and share my opinion that all
and to be clear i dont have prob with privat server that you need sometime to spend money but comon everything you need i mean even lens normal arent free
or you dont have even one way to have it by yourself in game instead of troling a spot geting golds and pay them by golds .. ) for a privat server that not even official do you think its a good point ?

well if i should sugest a server at the moment to people who realy like the AL game and are so annoying about justac particulary that deadly gm.
maybe you laught at me but i dont care but to be honest at all , the only way to get your fun its on Custom-AL
you will laught at the quality but at the end idea that have been puted on it are at the moment much better than a "normal back archlord copy past server" ... you know what i mean .

i dont understind why on those privat server particulary one that you need to burn your credit card to grow up even if this server is a privat .( that mean if its close you just can go to cry .)

now let me talk about that Custom-AL server beceaus i realy tested it i know some work need to be fixed on it but let me show you my thing about it
on custom AL first of all and its completly normal , lens normal are added on merchand that the based idea for a privat server. ( dont miss that AL game are so old and was a free to play game ...)
on custom AL players that dont want to spend money on it have the same equality than a players that spend money
you can craft by the cooking/alchemy : sumoning orb/giant pot/combi pots well it lets player that dont pay to have the item to be in equality with players that give donation .
to me that a perfect good point when you do the difference btw all each privat server .

unicks ring/neck are able to be droped its not easy to get them but its also not so hard
i droped shuta/kark/pargon it was not hard and not easy i mean it was balanced . i didnt droped thousand of shuta you know what i mean ( lolol justac ) .

about stone yes sure phys rez are rarest and its normal you will need to think nicely befor adding type of stone on your stuff so ye it take time to have an "okay" stuff to grow up be patient with the level you will get you will just say oh good my char become
the leveling is balanced like i said ! the Ec price is also nice and balanced .

about class i wont give my opinion beceaus i tested only an archer , but atm im realy okay with my lv 57 archer
i have checked each class and all have their advantage and their default ! i sugest you to get time to download the game and check every class so you will see how balanced it is by youserself and you gona choice the class you think is perfect for what you want to do in game !
yes you wont have many buff beceaus all those buff are ' passiv ' on this server ,
maybe beceaus its for the debuff bar ? i supose ?
unicks ring/Neck stats changed , shuta blode and shit didnt give +1 rank but dont worry you will dont need it
exemple : pargon ring give : cast / skills block / block
there the link of the unicks ring/Neck stats :
(it give you a view of your futur character and unicks that you will hope to drop  )
oh and yes scrolls isnt needed all unicks can be trad )

realm i think are dropable or need to be crafted im atm to low to try it ! but there it show the realm stats :

im testing the server with friend , baoc created a sorcer and he didnt complain about it so i supose every char are cool to play !
i see idea from justac added on it for exemple shadow chaser from ranger have stun also , or ele AOE stun are added , also pets from elemantalist have now an importence to be used like grioly or siomething like that are now a AOE pets .

well atm if you try it , yes you will see none playing the server beceaus like sheep ppl following ppl where they think the most ppl go ... i guess that an human default lol

but give a try to this server , if you creat a orc/elfe check your invotory you will have passport you need to go to Human first village to have your first mob outside city
i supose he did that to regroup all on the same city we all know the AL comunity are a little comunity we can be like around 200 ppl not much !
that why i guess he did that ,

oh and yes check the marchand you will see many passport those passort put you on a dongeon with yellows mob that drop uniks , and check passport you have asylum that are a xp spot , dont miss the use elemantal stone on your stuff when you change or grow up dongeon by dongeon .
you will also found boss on dongeon when you hit/kill them it drop an item to craft a talisman or a lucky charm .. its up to your luck but it can be 100% xp or 20 its up to the chance lol

there a link about wepons :

to me this server have many good thing the only prob is maybe the quality of the game on full screen its clearly ugly !
but if you dowload this your game will be on window mod and it much better about quality:

bot i think are now useless on this server beceaus the TAB open the map so i supose ppl who want to drop are fucked with that so its a nice point you are the only one server who have think about it at the moment .

well think about what i say its up to you to give a chance or not to that server .
to me this server can be cool and nice to play . i hope the admin will dont give up with those server competition.

if i should sugest something to you gm Joker , try to have a better support when you will have maybe much more players , like epi3 using discord to have a direct contact with admin can be seriously the best way to proove to your player they have a good support !
oh and you should also try to creat a video of your server the idea you puted on it , and a bit show of the class what they are able to do when they are maxed ! like a promot video would be usefull for you !
oh and activat the siege soon or later dont miss it  =)

feel free to ask me any question about this server i will try to inform you !

thx who read my topic !

there a video of my archer btw :

message have been shared on :  Justac Forum / Custom Al / EpiIII osiy
Link :

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