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Orange = No hurry
Red = Offer me
Blue = Free + scroll(if needed)
Teal = Good Luck...
Green = Please do that he don't even know :p

Selling Ecoins 1 for 5

         (99x)Victory Potions

         (99x)Fighting Spirit Potions

         (99x)Potions of Bravery

         (100x)Rice Cake

         (99x)Archlord Potion


          (2x)Ranger and Swash (both 0/3)


          Mage and Elem (both 0/2)


          (2x)Knight, Archer, Sorc, Hunter and Elem




You can try to catch me in game or in private here.
You can also spam my brother. You know, the one who think that to put 2 instead of 5 at the end of his knight name doesn't make him a name stealer.

Announcements / Re: About 2ndPassWord
« on: January 18, 2018, 01:25:57 PM »
Dear players,

We noticed there are some players haven't set their characters 2ndpassword because of all kinds of reasons. For safety consideration, we have already set all the characters those have no 2ndpassword to "123456".

Players got this 2ndpass please reset it the first time you log in game. Here is the 2ndpassword direction.

Every day we would receive all kinds of reports about items lost or scam or hacking. Besides reminding players don't share accounts information we also tried lots of ways to solve this problems. Unfortunately, all of them are helpless. Finally we make this 2ndPassword System and hope it will protect players' items safe and reduce scam/hack issues.

2ndpassword system will protect players’ item from two aspects: items trade and trade via Auction house. After server restart players can set their 2ndpassword and experience this new service of Justac.

Justac won’t force players to set their 2ndpassword, it’s a personal choice. Remember that once set 2ndpassword you must using “/unlock 2ndpassword” command to unlock your 2ndpasswork before trade or using Auction house.

Honestly, Justac has 100 percent safe database and all of your items is far from risk as long as you don't share account information with others. Again, no permanent enemies, no permanent friends, only permanent interests.

Guidance of how to use/set 2ndpassword
1.   How to set my 2ndpassword?
1)   Enter Justac website: and log in your account;

2)   Then enter homepage of justac website:

3)   Click “My account”

4)   When you click “2ndpass” a check code will be sent to your Justac account register email box which is a must for you to set or change your 2ndpass in game.

5)   Enter game and input the command in normal chat like this: /set2ndpwd new2ndpassword checkcode
You will get this notice when you complete it:

P.S. ”New2ndpassword” is the 2ndpassword what you design which must be 6 numbers.
  “checkcode” is the code in your letter which sent to your account register email.

2.   How to change my 2ndpassword?
It’s totally same as the guidance of question “how to set my 2ndpassword”.

3.   How to use 2ndpassword when trade?
Enter game and input the command to unlock your 2ndpassword in normal chat like this: /unlock 2ndpassword
P.S. 2ndpassword means your 2ndpassword.
Please make sure both of you(if you have set 2ndpassword) unlock your 2ndpassword or you can’t make trades. You will get notice like this when you complete it:

1)   If you did not unlock your 2ndpassword before trade you will get notice like this:

2)   If the other side did not unlock his/her 2ndpassword before trade you will get notice like this

3)   If both of you did not unlock your 2ndpassword before trade you will also get notice like this:

4.   How to deal with 2ndpassword if I want to use Auction house?
Enter game and input the command to unlock your 2ndpassword in normal chat like this: /unlock 2ndpassword
P.S. 2ndpassword means your 2ndpassword.
You will get notice like this when you complete it:

1)   All these conditions talking about are in the premises that you have set your own 2ndpassword (except 1.). If you did not set your 2ndpassword yet you can just handle it as before.
2)   2ndpassword can be effective when you relog in game after you set it.

At last, we hope this update can bring our players better game playing and drive Justac to a higher level. Welcome more suggestions or criticism to make this game better.

Thank you all!
JustAC Team

+1 for you admin but its still not enough since we have to unlock it to trade anything and then we are easy target for the trade hack...

Atleast you did something so I give you this one. Great job!

Announcements / Re: About 2ndPassWord
« on: January 18, 2018, 01:23:14 PM »
and what about the new chars thatwil be made? its automaticly set or?


Announcements / Re: About 2ndPassWord
« on: January 18, 2018, 01:22:57 PM »
It would be nice to do an auto-notice every 15 minutes so people know why they can't trade


Suggestions / Re: The trade hack solution !!!EVERYONE MUST READ!!!
« on: January 18, 2018, 01:19:53 PM »
This is the perfect expemple of the uselessness of the 2nd password. He maybe just look like a normal buyer or asking to see your stuff and then this happen when you unlock your character to help or to trade.

Suggestions / Re: The trade hack solution !!!EVERYONE MUST READ!!!
« on: January 18, 2018, 01:14:38 PM »
I don't understand why ppl vote no to this seriously. Try to think bigger than only yourself in that. The trade hack is killing the server. You guys are really weird to say no to a new way to prevent loosing stuff. Its up to the admin to make it with ec or to make it free since it should be his responsibility to provide safety. Also its only an idea so instead of saying no as stupid as it is, try to find another way to prevent safety to everyone. Saying no is too easy and only show the way you don't care about other players. If you want this server to stay alive, help it.

I'm really disapointed about the number of ppl who don't think further than just themselves. Don't forget that if the server closes one day. it will be worst than paragon's tools. You will loose everything. So try to help this server to keep his population instead of dropping of new ideas because you think yourself that you are safe or because you don't want the admin to make more money on that. As I said its up to the admin to make it free or not. And if he make it ec no one forces you to buy it so come on be usefull one time in your life and bring ideas or just support somes that could help. Also don't forget that the money admin gets from Ec makes the server stay alive. No money = no server.

Peace and love guys we are here for the server, if not please help everyone including yourself and GTFO

Suggestions / Re: The trade hack solution !!!EVERYONE MUST READ!!!
« on: January 16, 2018, 02:34:19 PM »

]Its a good idea, you should talk about that to the admin directly.

To me the 2nd password is not enough I disagree with you on that.


i just did maybe he can find a better solution than the 2ndpw as it is atm

Good, he really have to do something fast. He is loosing players day by day...

Suggestions / Re: The trade hack solution !!!EVERYONE MUST READ!!!
« on: January 16, 2018, 02:10:26 PM »
so let me say something about 2nd shit password..

we can say like this.

bushido makes random lvls on one character.
hodor shouting / WTS hestia 3/3 royal phoenix ulti for PP

bushido have his lvl 102 lvling sorc for using the hacktools etc. /w Hodor and wants to buy it.

he go online with another low lvl acc for example lvl 1. stays next to hodor,
hodor unlock 2ndpass.

lvl 1 char steal everysingle shit hodor have inside.

he log out and trading uniqs to other ppl which using other VPN..

this is why we need one better protection about our expensive royal neck and reapers +weapon.

i hope you really use ur brains before writing shits without thinking.


Why do u think i am shouting with Rebel1 but doing actual trades with Vec2?
Ofc u need to be a bit smart about doing trades, since the 2ndpw only works if its active lol.
And i didn't say its fine as it is, i just said 2nd pw is enough to prevent being auto-trade-hacked.

Maybe the admins should change the 2ndpw. Like that u dont have to unlock trades by entering 2ndpw. But u have to enter 2ndpw everytime u wanna finish a trade instead. Like Lock, Trade and then u have to enter 2ndpw.

Its a good idea, you should talk about that to the admin directly.

To me the 2nd password is not enough I disagree with you on that.

Also I don't think the admin will put a password to finish a trade because the hack users are probably using the same tool as the admin use to give back stolen items and that's probably why the tool ain't blocked today...

Stop thinking about yourself comon, no one forces you to buy any Ecoin with money or gold in game. If you don't like the idea for you its all good everyone has them own opinion and I try my best to respect that but don't block the idea because you think you are totally safe the way you play. Its for the safety of everyone!

Suggestions / Re: The trade hack solution !!!EVERYONE MUST READ!!!
« on: January 16, 2018, 01:57:02 PM »
I saw in other thread Scroll for Anti-Stun, now Scroll of Protection ; what is next?

Scroll of Never Dying? Scroll of the game playing itself?

Don't make this game more expensive and more p2w than it already is.

2nd password is more than enough right now.
Sure it would be better if you couldn't delete items while it's on.
Hopefully it will get fixed in the future.

Also if you forgot/lost your email it's your fault not ours.

The problem with the 2nd password is that you have to unlock it to trade and have to relog to set again the 2nd password. Between the 2 actions you can get hacked and i'm not even talking about forgeting to relog after any trade. 2nd password work really well but its limited and not everyone think about to set it and yes it their own problem in that case.

Also make it a new Ecoin item is only to make the admin think about the money he could get if he do that. Its only an idea. The item could be free like with Xls pots and premium pet in Chantra shop. Its up to the admin to figure out what's the best for the server. To keep player or to make money.

This solution could work pretty well and in the worst case where you have to buy Ecoin to get that item, look most of item and weapons that get stolen are 10euro + so its not a big deal to buy a lil of safety even if normally it should be the problem of the admin to provide safety.

Don't reject it because you think you are safe. The day when you will loose everything in couple second because you forgot to relog after a stupid trade you will be the first to ask for that kind of safety.

I'm only here to help this server to stay alive because I like this game and I don't want this server to be closed because of some player who think first about money instead of other's.

Also this scroll could be apply to gold before to trade them. Its only a basic idea, you are free to help it to grow for the safety of everyone.

And one last point, if the admin make this new item. No one forces you to buy it if you think you are safe with only 2nd pass. Stop being selfish and think larger than you. Its for the whole server not for you especialy. You are free to donate or not...

French / Re: skill perfect sense summoner bug???
« on: January 16, 2018, 01:28:55 AM »
Le bug survient quand tu utilise pas de lens. J'ai un mec qui m'en a parler y'a pas longtemps et ont a fais des teste et vraiment si tu joue sans lens tu perd presque tout ton dmg. Je crois que l'admin a mis ça comme ça à cause tu glitch dmg scion qu'il y a eu y'a plusieurs années.

Lens normal sont a 7 M gold au BG donc c'est abordable pour tous.

« on: January 16, 2018, 12:40:22 AM »
Here is the trade hack solution, spread the word and don't forget to VOTE

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